As of 8:00 PM CDT Friday September 26, 1997 the Illinois LRN/LNP FCC Field Test was officially concluded. Each and every one of you that had a part in this effort is to be sincerely congratulated. Well done.

We have proven the following:

The industry can put aside their individual agenda’s and put their heads together and develop new technologies.

In a very short time working together as a team requirement’s were developed to build the NPAC and the interface to the Local Service Providers.

Each Local Service Provider selected a vender or built their own interface system to the NPAC (LSMS/SOA).

Back office systems were developed or modified for the use of LRN.

Switch Venders developed new switch loads to utilize LRN.

Personnel were hired and trained on the new technology.

Test Plans were developed and executed.

Various subcommittee’s were formed each with a special task to perform.

Switches in MSA 1 were made ready for LRN/LNP.

Translations were changed.

Labs from different company’s worked together and pre tested the technology.

Personnel throughout all company’s learned the new technology and what it means to their systems.

Local Number Portability using Location Routing Number is a reality.

This is a major ice breaking step for true competition in the local market.

My sincere thanks to all involved.

Dick Dowd

FCC Field Test Coordination Manager


NPAC Phone 312-382-8090

NPAC Fax 312-382-8080


972-918-1499 fax

972-498-5022 alternate fax

Vnet 757-5069

Pager 1-800-PAGEMCI Pin# 1742797

Email Richard Dowd / MCI ID: 258-4443



Please forward this memo to anyone that had anything to do with this effort.