On Thursday May 29, 1997 the weekly Single Point Of Contact Conference Call

was held via conference bridge, 1-800-593-XXXX passcode "XXXX", at 9:00 AM CST.

The next meeting will be Thursday 6/05 at 9:00 AM CDT using the above

conference numbers.

It is critical to have at least one representative from each participating

company actively participating on each call.

Those who took part in today's call were as follows:

Name Company Fax


*Dick Dowd LLC/ICC Work Shop

*Bill Belshaw Test Plan

Joe Questore Bellcore 908-758-4389

*Bob Bartenstien Ameritech 216-822-5039 847-248-3762

*Larry Lovett SPRINT

*Andy Chalk SPRINT

*Mitch Mitchel WorldCom

*Hamp Oberle MCI

*Anne Driscoll MCI

*Eileen O'Shea AT&T

Mitch Fuchs AT&T

Art Brett TCG No representative present for TCG

*Walt Subora Ameritech


Single Point Of Contact Meeting Issues & Actions


At least 4 of the participating company's were represented so the Issues

and Status's were reviewed.

ISSUE: Each participating company needs to determine which specific

tests listed in the FCC Field Test Plan available at www.ported.com,

that they will be able to take part in.

ACTION: Each SPOC is to review the FCC Field Test Plan

with their Task Force to determine which specific

test script's will be able to be performed by their company's

network topography within the Chicago MSA.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20. Closed. First cut received from all

participants as of 5/28.

Action: Each SPOC is to update the form that Dick sent out and provide

the information to Dick no later than 5/27.

Responsible: SPOC Team.

Status: Assigned 5/22.

Action: Dick Dowd to receive input from all participant's SPOC's

by 5/27, once received Dick will compile the information

and resubmit the updated form to all SPOC's to be reviewed

at the next conference call 5/29.

Responsible: Dick Dowd

Status: First cut and second cut received from most. Dick Dowd

is updating the matrix and will distro to the SPOC

Team today.

Action: Bill Belshaw to update the list of test's on the matrix.

Responsible: Bill Belshaw.

Status: Assigned 5/22. Bill is working on this today.

Note Each participating company will need to contact Ameritech and make

arrangement's with Ameritech, if they wish to test CLASS features

between them and other participant's other than Ameritech.

MCI has submitted a form to Ameritech (7.1 form), to test with

SPRINT and Ameritech.

SPRINT submitted also.

ISSUE: * In preparation for the FCC Field Test, certain network items

need to be gathered and distributed to the participating company's.

ACTION: Each SPOC to determine whether their company plans to test

CLASS between company's other than Ameritech.


STATUS: Assigned 4/24 Hamp Oberle put the information gathered

into an Excel spreadsheet. Much of the information is

still missing. Dick Dowd will forward the spread sheet

to the SPOC Team so that the holes can be filled in.

ACTION: SPOC Team members to review Hamp's spreadsheet and send

in changes to Dick Dowd for distro to the Team prior to

the next conference call.


STATUS: Assigned 5/29

ISSUE: * It was suggested that the SPOC Team assemble a Checklist of

all items that need to be addressed by each participating

company prior to the kick off of FCC Field Testing on July 24,


ACTION: The updated "DRAFT" was faxed out 5/21 to the SPOC Team.

The SPOC Team is to review the "DRAFT" plan and send in

any updates to Dick Dowd prior to the next conference call.

The plan is to finalize this and create a Baseline schedule

as of the next conference call.


STATUS: Assigned 5/22. No changes have been received. Dick Dowd

will wait until Monday 6/2 and if no additional changes

have been received, Dick will baseline the schedule and

distro it to the SPOC Team. (All items 7/24 - 9/26 will

be expanded.)

ISSUE: NPA-NXXs to be used during the FCC Field Test need to be opened

with the LERG no later than 5/30.

ACTION: Each SPOC to ensure that their company has contacted

the LERG to open their NPA-NXXs. ASAP.


STATUS: Ameritech has sent an EMail. SPRINT was unable to

enter the information using the system. It appears

that these will have to be opened manually.

ACTION: SPRINT will contact the Ameritech person that was successful

in opening the Ameritech NPA-NXXs and report back to the

SPOC Team how to accomplish this task. (SPRINT attempted

to update the LERG using the automated system but received

error messages. Unable to open until after 6/1.)


ISSUES: * Test Script Propitiation, Overall Test Time Line & Porting

partners are all valid issues that will need to be addressed

but they are dependant upon Action's above.



ISSUE: SPRINT is not sure whether the other participant's have 911 trunking

to SPRINT's PSAP. If not then 911 tests will not be able to be

performed on ported numbers that are ported into or out of SPRING.

WorldCom does have 911 trunking into SPRINT.

Action: Dick Dowd to refer the issue to Nancy DeRoo, 911 Chairperson

to bring up at the 911 Team meeting and provide status of

whether this is addressed or not.

Responsible: Dick Dowd & Nancy DeRoo.

Status: Assigned 5/22. Dick Dowd Emailed Nancy DeRoo and found

out that Nancy was not in the office. A second Email

was sent 5/28.

ISSUE: Several participants have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place

to stay in the Chicago area the week of June 9.

ACTION: The SPOC Team decided to move out the date for the next

Test Team Committee meeting and the next SPOC Team meeting

by one week. The face-to-face meeting is now scheduled

for June 19 & 20 starting with the Test Team meeting.

Walt will check for availability of the Ameritech facility

at 350 N. Orleans. Eileen O'Shea (AT&T) will also attempt

to book a meeting room for those dates as well.


STATUS: Assigned 5/29

Dick Dowd

FCC Field Test Coordination Manager



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