Date: Thu Apr 03, 1997 11:57 am CST

From: Dick Dowd / MCI ID: 258-4443

Subject: Illinois FCC Field Test - Single Point Of Contact Conference Call 4/03

Handling: 4HOUR

Message-Id: 97040317582710/0002584443DC2EM

On Thursday April 3, 1997 the weekly Single Point Of Contact Conference Call

was held via conference bridge, 1-800-XXX-XXXX passcode "XXXX", at 9:00 AM CST.

Since we will be meeting in Chicago next week there will not be a SPOC Team

Conference call on Thursday 4/10.

The next meeting will be Thursday 4/17 between the hours of 9 & 11

AM CDST via conference number 1-800-XXX-XXXX using passcode "XXXX". For those

who will be dialing using Vnet, XXX-XXXX the same passcode.

It is critical to have at least one representative from each participating

company actively participating on each call.

Those who took part in today's call were as follows:

Name Company


*Dick Dowd LLC/ICC Work Shop

*Bill Belshaw Test Plan

*Eileen O'Shea AT&T

*Hamp Oberle MCI

*Bob Bartenstein Ameritech

*Rajeev Trika TCG

*Larry Lovett SPRINT

No representation from WorldCom




The scope of the issues that the SPOC Team will be addressing in this forum

will be any and all issues that relate to the FCC Field Test in the Chicago

MSA between July 24 through September 29. Also to be addressed are issues

that prepare the participating company's to be ready for the start of the

FCC Field Test on July 24, 1997. Each SPOC is responsible for working these

preparatory issues through their respective company's.

With this in mind, during the weekly conference call Issues will be identified,

Actions assigned, and Status provided.

To help make progress and to best utilize your resources it is asked that:

1. If Assigned an Action, the SPOC is to work the action off line, during the

week, through their own company and report status as early as possible to

Dick Dowd via EMail.

Note A great deal can be accomplished in a very short time during the weekly

conference call if the call is used in the following manner:

Status reported to Dick Dowd by Email by noon the Wednesday prior to the

scheduled Thursday conference call. This allows time for Dick to compile

all status's and have them ready to report to the SPOC Team.

2. Please provide your status via Email by noon on Wednesday's so that I may

have time to assemble them for presentation to the Team.

Note We do not attempt to resolve assigned Actions and Issues during the


call, as most of these involve work within the SPOC's company.

Conference Calls:


If at least 4 of the participating company's are represented on the call, the

Team will abide by the consensus of those present. If at least 4 company's

are not represented, no business will be transacted.



ISSUE: * The FCC Field Test Coordination Manager has requested that each

SPOC be present in Chicago 5 days a week between 7/24 and 9/26.

To Support the FCC Mandated Field Test in Chicago, a certain amount

of dedication is required.

ACTION: Each SPOC to work through this request with his/her company and

their resources to determine if this is workable and report their

findings to Dick Dowd via Email.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20.

4/03 TCG / Rajeev Trika No further update at this time.

3/30 Ameritech / Bob Bartenstien - He will not be in Chicago

during the Field Test. He will be the SPOC for Ameritech.

However, hewill not be located in Chicago 8 hours per day 5

days a week. Rather you and the other SPOCs will contact him

via the numbers listed below. It will then be his responsibility

to coordinate any issue resolution within Ameritech via his

internal test team. When he finalizes assembling his team he

will provide us with a list of their names areas of

responsibility and contact numbers in case there is an EMERGENCY

and you feel necessary to contact them directly. He will also

provide us with an alternate in the event that hewill be


for any extended period (i.e. more than 1 business day).

Bob Bartenstein Contact Numbers


4/03 Ameritech / Robert Bartenstein - Ameritech has been


by Brent Struthers/ICC regarding this issue. Barry Bishop also

of Ameritech has been assigned to look into the issue. Barry

called Dick Dowd on 4/01 to obtain background on the issue and

will have an updated status at the Testing Committee meeting on


4/03 WorldCom / Betty Shelby - No status update provided.

3/27 MCI / Hamp Oberle - Will support.

4/03 AT&T / Eliene O'SHea - ATT will support.

4/03 SPRINT / Larry Lovett - SPRINT is waiting to see the outcome

of this prior to making a committment either way.

Action: Dick Dowd to request support from TCG and Ameritech for

the duration of the FCC Field Test. It doesn't matter

who the person is that is present in the Chicago down

town area from each participating company but it is

requested that each participant supply 1 person to act

as their company representative 8 hours a day 5 days a

week minimum for the duration of the FCC Field Test.

If after 2 week's into the trial it appears as if personnel

are not needed in person to represent the participating

company's, this request will be revisited. It is the

experience of the Field Test Coordination Manager that

to receive full and proper attention, personnel are needed

within the testing area to meet face-to-face for coordination

daily meeting's and instant problem resolution. If SPOC's

are only available via phone call or conference bridge,

it is too easy to attend to other business and let the

FCC Field Test responsibilities come in second. Most

company's realize the need to hold training classes off

site for this same purpose. If held on site, it is too

easy for the personnel to return to their desk's, answser

Phone or Elec Mail, attend meetings or answser superior's

questions. Full attention is needed and requested to

support this one and only mandated FCC Field Test. Participation

in the Illinois FCC Field Test will benefit those participants



STATUS: 4/01 Contacted Brent Struthers, ICC, and requested his assistance


help the participating company's to dedicate resources to the

FCC Field Test as requested. Brent is making contact with those

participating company's that have stated that they will not

support or are reluctant to support a SPOC in the Chicago area

for the duration of the FCC Field Test. Received a phone call

from Barry Bishop asking for the background on the issue. He is

working through Ameritech and will report an updated status at

the face-to-face next week in Chicago.

ISSUE: * The SPOC's Task Force will need technicians from all areas, within

their company that was impacted by LRN/LNP. This Task Force will

be utilized both to perform testing and resolve problems as they

might occur. The Task Force's will need to be dedicated to the field

test effort for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week between 7/24

and 9/26, at a minimum. It is highly possible that at least some

week ends will also be worked. (NOTE) Not every member of the Task

Force will be needed 8 hours a day 5 days a week, only a core group,

each participating company will need to define this core group for

them selves.

ACTION: Each SPOC to work through this request with his/her company and

report their status to Dick Dowd via EMail.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20.

4/03 Ameritech / Bob Bartenstein working internally to timeline

their prerequisite testing. Targeting 4/30.

3/27 MCI / Hamp Oberle targeting 7/24.

4/03 WorldCom / Betty Shelby no status update provided.

4/03 TCG / Rajeev Trika working. Targeting 5/15.

4/03 AT&T / Eileen O'Shea working targeting 5/15.

4/03 SPRINT / Larry Lovett team formed and will provide data

at the face-to-face.

ACTION: Once the Task Force information is gathered from each participating

company it will be published in the FCC Field Test Execution

Handbook for the use of the SPOC's.

RESPONSIBLE: Input, SPOC Team, distribution, Dick Dowd.

STATUS: Assigned 3/20 and dependant upon the above action.

Additional Actions assigned:

ACTION: Each SPOC is to begin, if they have not already done so, to review

the FCC Field Test Plan, available at and, with their Task Force to determine which specific

test script's will be able to be performed by their company's

network topography within the Chicago MSA. (NOTE) Once this

input is obtained a matrix of test cases will be built that will

indicate each test case and which company's will be performing

which test cases. This will help to ensure that a through Field

Test is performed and also help to identify areas where some of

the participating company's can perform certain test's while others

perform other test's.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20.

4/03 TCG / Rajeev Trika - Targeting 5/11/97.

4/03 MCI / Hamp Oberle - Targeting 4/25/97.

Hamp asked the question how soon will the ISDN portion of

the test plan be scaled down?

Bill Belshaw indicated that Mack Dobkins will provide the

scale down by April 14.

Dick Dowd commented that the SPOC's should go ahead and

determine which of the ISDN test's that they will be able

to participate in because they may wish to complete more

than the basic set. In addition this should not hamper them

from examining the other sections and determining which test's

their company will be able to take part in.

3/27 WorldCom / Betty Shelby - WorldCom will target 4/25/97.

4/03 WorldCom / Betty Shelby - No status update provided.

4/03 Ameritech / Bob Bartenstien - Ameritech still targeting


4/03 SPRINT / Larry Lovett - SPRINT has just started looking

at the Test Plan.

4/03 AT&T / Elieen O'Shea - AT&T still targeting 4/25.

ACTION: A date by which the Testing Matrix needs to be completed needs

to be determined. Each SPOC to discuss with their Task Force

and provide their input towards the date. This input should

be sent to Dick Dowd via Email.


STATUS: Provided that the participating company's can provide

their input on 4/25/97 the Field Test Coordination Manager

target's 5/8/97 to have a matrix available for review

by the SPOC team.

ISSUE: * A means for change management needs to be developed relating to

changes of the FCC Field Test Plan.

ACTION: Bill Belshaw to determine a method by which to handle changes

and for distribution of the changes to the SPOC Team. Bill

will present this process for review of the SPOC Team at the

next conference call 3/27.


STATUS: 4/01 Closed. Bill Belshaw will begin with Issue 1.3 indicating

changes in the Test Plan sections using sidebaring and cross

outs. The sections that have changes will be noted on a separate

section titled Test Status. As usual all changes will be

available on

ISSUE: * In preparation for the FCC Field Test, certain network items

need to be gathered and distributed to the participating company's.

ACTION: Each company is to determine what SSN will be used for CLASS

testing and which point codes will be utilized during the testing.

Each SPOC is requested to open these discussions within their own

company and report the status to Dick Dowd Via Email.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20.

3/27 TCG / Rajeev Trika - TCG will use a 5ESS Switch

The point code is 005004160.

TCG will have 10 DNs per prefix that are available for test:

773-420-9800 thru 9809

847-720-9800 thru 9809

847-813-9800 thru 9809

630-274-7800 thru 7809

630-743-9800 thru 9809

815-280-9800 thru 9809

SSN = 251

translation type = 251

alias point code = 232003000

3/30 Ameritech / Robert Bartenstien -

T-CAPS for CNAM and LIDB will be exchanged via the Regional


CHCGILWB01W 250-001-000

ELGNILEL01W 250-000-000

ALIAS 250-002-000

In the Chicago area, T-CAPS for CLASS and ISVM (if needed)

will be exchanged via the Local STP's:

DRFDILDF01W 250-003-000

RVDLILRD01W 250-004-000

ALIAS 250-005-000

And maybe this pair, depending on whether the CLEC decides to

link into these STP's (both pairs are in LATA 358):

BNTOILBA01W 250-021-000

LGRCILLG01W 250-022-000

ALIAS 250-023-000

The following SCP's will actually be the nodes that send the

queries to their networks, and thus these point codes will

appear as originating point codes on the messages (the STP'S

will simply MTP route the messages, whether it be the LSTP's

or the RSTP's):


CHCGILFRA52 250-080-001

EDNDILDUA51 250-080-002

ALIAS 250-080-000


CHCGILWBA54 250-081-001

ELGNILELA53 250-081-002

ALIAS 250-081-000

Participants should provision their networks to receive queries

from any of these SCP's, regardless of which LSTP's they are

linked to, because we may shift traffic, due to load

requirements, between SCP pairs.

SSN 251 will continue to be the CLASS application number for


ISVM is 249.

4/03 WorldCom / Betty Shelby - No status update provided.

4/03 MCI / Hamp Oberle - To provide 4/08.

4/03 AT&T / Eileen O'Shea - Targeting 4/08.

4/03 SPRINT / Larry Lovett - SPRINT doesn't understand why CILLI

codes are needed.

ACTION: Hamp Oberle to word a memo and send to Dick Dowd, who will

forward it to Lisa Marie Maxson, requesting specific


that is needed by the NPAC.

RESPONSIBLE: Hamp Oberle and Dick Dowd

STATUS: 4/03 MCI / Hamp Oberle sent the memo to Dick Dowd.

4/04 LLC/ICC Dick Dowd forwarded the memo to Lisa Marie.

ISSUE: * Each SPOC will need to contact person's within their own company

and determine with whom they have Interconnection Agreement's

existing with. It is highly likely that not all Field Test

Participants have Interconnection Agreement's with all other

participants. If this proves to be the case, the SPOC Team will

need to work out what can be considered a minimum agreement to

support the FCC Field Test.

(NOTE) this is sure to be a Legal and Regulatory Issue and will

need plenty of time to get worked out to support the Field Test.

ACTION: Each SPOC is requested to initiate discussions within their company

relating to Interconnection Agreement's existing and what can be

implemented to support the FCC Field Test.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20

4/03 TCG / Rajeev Trika - TCG is hireing a person next week

to handle this for them. They also indicate that there is

no detailed information contained within their Agreement with

Ameritech, it is only 3-4 pages in length.

4/03 WorldCom / Betty Shelby - No status update provided.

4/03 Ameritech / Robert Bartenstien - Has agreement's with

AT&T, TCG and MFS, however it is uncertail how this will work

for WorldCom. They are working to finalize ageement's with MCI.

He also reports that there is nothing contained within the

agreement's that prohibits LRN or the FCC Field Test. He will

check regarding WorldCom.

4/03 MCI / Hamp Oberle - Reports that he is working the issue

and should have the information available by April 8.

ISSUE: * It was suggested that the SPOC Team assemble a Checklist of

all items that need to be addressed by each participating

company prior to the kick off of FCC Field Testing on July 24,


ACTION: Each SPOC is to initiate a Checklist of items that they feel

need to be addressed prior to July 24, 1997 and submit it

to Dick Dowd via Email. These will be shared with all

participating company's so that the SPOC's can track progress.


STATUS: Assigned 3/20.

4/03 FCC Field Test / Dick Dowd - Stated that this checklist sounds

very much like a project plan that would be needed for implementation

of NP within each participating company. As such each company should

be able to share generic milestones. When asked which company's would

be willing to share their milestone list no one step forward.

Dick then asked Hamp if MCI was putting together a timeline and he

said that they were. Dick asked if Hamp would share the milestones

with the SPOC Team as a starting point. Hamp will comply.

4/03 MCI / Hamp Oberle -

4/7 Submit registration to LHM NPAC for inter-connection

4/8 SP information submitted to IL Testing Committee for IL


6/9 SP Data submiited to NPAC for IL trial

6/9 Submit portable NPA/NXX's to LERG (45 days prior to 7/24)

* I believe this information needs to be provided to the LERG

in May in order to be available in June.


No new issues brought up during the Conference Call.


ISSUES: * Test Script Prioritization, Overall Test Time Line & Porting

partners are all valid issues that will need to be addressed

but they are dependant upon Action's above.



MCI has offered to perform porting of telephone numbers between company's that

are interested, and ready, prior to the start of the FCC Field Test start date

of July 24, 1997. Any participants that wish to take part in this porting

test prior to the FCC Field Test start date are encouraged to make arrangement's

with the MCI representative: Hampton Oberle.

(NOTE) While not a requirement of the FCC Field Test it would be a great

confidence builder if some amount of number porting could be arranged prior

to the start of the FCC Field Test.




Dick Dowd

FCC Field Test Coordination Manager