TO:  Barry Bishop - Co-chairperson, Michigan LNP Operations Team 
     Larry Ivasquez - Co-chairperson, Michigan LNP Operations Team    

Sub:  Michigan PUC Order on LNP Deployment - Detroit MSA

Gentlemen, as I  discussed with you on March 19, the following four GTE 
central offices have been requested by CLECs for Phase I 
(10/01/97-3/31/98) LNP deployment in Michigan:
1. Adrian
2. Milford
3. Saline
4. Temperance

GTE's review of their physical locations indicates that these offices are 
located in the Detroit and Ann Arbor MSAs as follows:

1. Adrian - Ann Arbor
2. Milford - Detroit
3. Saline   - Ann Arbor
4. Temperance - Detroit

Additionally, as we discussed, the Michigan Deployment Plans developed by 
the Workshop call for GTE to deploy LNP only in the Detroit MSA during the 
Phase I deployment.  As such, GTE plans to deploy LNP only in Milford and 
Temperance.  Based on software delivery and internal support requirements 
these two locations are likely to be slated in the March 1998 timeline.  
Of course, GTE is committed to making all attempts to accelerate this 
timeline as possible.

Please communicate this information to everyone concerned including CLECS 
who may have requested these offices and the commission staffs.

If there are any questions please contact me at 972-718-7538.

Thank you.


Sam Mehta
Number Portability Program Office