September 11, 1997


Michigan Implementation Team

The following are the meeting minutes from the Detroit MSA Implementation meeting, held on September 8, 1997.

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Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held In Chicago, Illinois

September 8, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Present


Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Clyde Hamby* AT&T

Mick Koutz GTE

John Shea Lockheed

Dick Dowd* MCI/LLC

Jim Joerger* MCI Metro

Sharon Gallo* TCG



Overview Larry


Introduce Mick Koutz, GTE

Start Date Was 8/15/97 to 9/8/97

New Start Date 10/1/97

Testing Updates Dick Dowd

FCC Trial Update

NPAC Issues

Detroit Start Date (10/1/97)

Detroit Completion Date (?/97)

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

U&M Capabilities

Surcharge Capability

PSAP Transfer Issue - Nortel (Jim Joerger)



Larry opened up the meeting by introducing Mick Koutz, GTE, to the team. Mick will be the GTE Implementation member going forward. Mick Supports Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We welcome Mick to the team.

Larry also indicated that through several e-mails that had gone out, a new testing date has been established for Detroit. The new target date is 10/1/97. Dick did mention that MCI is porting a number "in" from Ameritech starting today. Therefore, we are officially meeting the testing start date for Detroit.


FCC/Chicago Trial Going well

A couple of LSPs were down for part of last week

No one knows why

Network problem with AT&T.... Beth Watkins following up on Started on Thursday at around 7:00 P.M.

NPAC had a router problem too

Ameritech did not come up right away

Second porting of orders going through

First battery of testing went okay




Additional time still required to complete tests Sprint (1/2 way completed)

TCG (still need to test)

No testing at all.....not participating in the trial


New porting to a different company will begin this week

Have not uncovered any major problems

Major portions of testing still on 10/1

Due date on orders due 9/15 by issuing LSR’s

9/15 - call flow testing

10/1 circuits been ported

OC asked if it was too late for AT&T to start IXC testing for Detroit??

Dick said that he would need for Inter-LATA testing the telephone

numbers for testing and what numbers they would be calling so the phones

would be manned (at MCI) and oh by the way he would need the information


OC indicated that we would probably do an Oak Brook to Detroit test. Dick stated that AT&T would have to coordinate our testing activities with Hamp from MCI ( only number that can be ported for now).

Debbie and Clyde Hamby could work that out with MCI

OC stated that he would check on what tests and to what extent AT&T would plan on testing. Also, send a list of telephone numbers to the appropriate parties.

We want to minimize the confusion to PSAPs

can AT&T do their 911 testing at the same time as TCG, Ameritech, MCI??

AT&T has to port as soon as possible if we are to keep on schedule Larry and OC to follow up and advise on weekly conference calls.


911 Update - Nancy DeRoo

Status on whether a solution has been reached for the call transfer problem from a PSAP.

The problem has been fixed in the Lucent 5ESS and is only a problem with ported numbers...- REL - NA008 has the fix but no General Availability (GA) date has been announced per Joe Lichter.

Per Jim Joerger, the Nortel transfer problem has not been fixed. The

issue is still there if someone at a PSAP tries to use the quick key

feature capability and attempts to

transfer a call to a 7 digit number that has been ported

Per Nancy, TCG can do surcharging

Still not sure whether TCG has U&M capabilities. Nancy stated that Rajeev and Art Brett were looking into. The U&M capabilities are part of the 911 testing activities. This has to be completed.

Sharon Gallo to follow up on



Jim Joerger stated that in the Michigan timeline, only the initial 20 Ameritech offices are listed. Barry stated that that was not correct. He had already updated the timeline and it is up to date. It includes the new Detroit MSA offices that were added during the last go around of pick lists.

Jim agreed and recommended that at the next Detroit meeting we go through the timeline to determine if any outstanding tasks need to be addressed and/or updated with new dates.

All of us agreed that this would be a good idea. As an example, the TCG portability date shows January 1998 on the timeline. For now Sharon will check on the date, but we will all need to got through the timeline and be prepared to update any dates as appropriate.

Next Meetings


October 13, 1997

Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center 350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

1:00 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry

Bishop for the

conference bridge number

November Meeting

No Meeting has been set yet. We are

waiting to see the outcome of the Chicago/FCC. Also, how the testing

goes in Detroit before we decide what date to meet in November


If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free

to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@