Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Detroit, Michigan

May 6, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Present

Pete Hoffman Airtouch

Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Bob Reynolds Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Tom VanDusen GTE

John Shea Lockheed Martin

Dick Dowd MCI/LLC

Jim Joerger MCI Metro

Bob Currier NENA Michigan, St Clair County 911

Scot Lewis WorldCom/MFS

Attendees: NOT Present

Denise Hardaway Ameritech

Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber

Mark Wyman Comcast

Rich Carter Lockheed Martin

Rick Arzadon Teleport


Update on 9/29/97 readiness All

What's The Status Of GTE GTE

What are the tests that will be State specific All

Michigan Testing Dick Dowd

Revised Pick From List Status Larry Vasquez

911 issues Nancy DeRoo

4/25/07 Lansing Meeting

PSAP Update

New Entrant Handbook Barry Bishop

Open Issues All

Next Meetings

Larry Vasquez opened up the meeting with an overview of the agenda.

The poll for 9/29/97 readiness are as follows:

Ameritech Yes ( Barry Bishop)

AT&T Yes (Larry Vasquez)

Brooks Fiber No, will not be on Detroit MSA

GTE No, per Sam Mehta, February 1998

MCI Yes (Jim Joerger)

Teleport Yes (Rick Arzadon)

Worldcom/MFS Yes (Scot Lewis)

Jim Joerger raised the issue of why we need to get an update on the

readiness of all new entrants at the beginning of every meeting. We

seemed to all agree, and for subsequent meetings we will assume all

new entrants to be ready on 9/29/97 unless we are told otherwise.

Regarding GTE not being ready until February 1998.

Larry Vasquez is to check with Terry Appenzeller (Ameritech - Steering

Committee Chair) and determine the appropriate protocol for notifying

the MPSC of the anticipated delay of GTE.

Larry Vasquez will also notify Sam Mehta that a letter may need to

written to Terry or directly to the MPSC regarding their delay.

Michigan Testing

Dick Dowd did an overview of the testing activities that he will

coordinate in Michigan. Some of the tests will be state specific.

Barry Bishop is to review the test plan and list what tests and we

will have to perform in Michigan versus Illinois. He will also

outline why the tests will be required in Michigan. He hopes to get

the list of tests out to all new entrants within the next week.

Dick recommended that each company assign a Single Point of Contact

SPOC) for him to work with directly during the Michigan tests. The

dedicated resources are as foloes:

Ameritech Bob Bartenstein

AT&T Larry Vasquez to supply name by 5/14/97

Pam Overly MCI

Mitch Mitchell Worldcom/MFS

Teleport Unknown (LV to check)

The SPOC's will work with Dick Dowd and have planning conference calls

and provide the following for the tests:

Telephone Numbers for testing

SSN's (Sub System Numbers)

Trunk Translations

Point Codes


Dick recommended that a tentative date to begin testing in Michigan is

August 18 through September 29, 1997

Revised Pick From List

Regarding the revised pick from list. Larry Vasquez is to contact

Terry Appenzeller and determine how to obtain a data aggregator. Bill

Celio (MPSC) has rejected our request to aggregate the data.

As of 5/13/97 Terry A. made arrangements to have Brent Struthers

(Illinois Commerce Commission) handle the neutral third party

aggregation. Lists will be due to Brent on June 6, 1997 during our

next meeting in Chicago.

A conference call has been established, for all CLEC's to discuss the

format and timeline for new pick from list submittals to Brent. The

conference call is scheduled for Friday, May 16, from 9:00 - 10:00

Central Time. The bridge number is

334-264-8326, the participant code is 412-739

911 Testing

Regarding the 911 Update. Nancy DeRoo will contact Walt Subora

(Ameritech) for an updated list of 911 tests. She will advise Dick

and test team SPOC's as required.

Nancy again raised the issue regarding all new entrants having a

contract for network routing with Ameritech, Making sure all new

entrants can bill operational surcharges, provide trap and trace

capabilities, correct ANI failures, etc. This should be handled and

answered by each companies SPOC.

Other tests will be to perform company-to-company testing for LSR's.

In addition, the 911 testing procedures with what telephone numbers

we test, when we test for 911 calls and when we schedule the testing

will be managed by each companies SPOC and Dick Dowd and address some

of the following open issues

* When/how/what numbers do we test

* How do we test for ANI failures

* How do we handle default routing testing

* Will each vendor be able to determine surcharges

* We will need to test before and after the ALI database update

* We will have to test calls to the NXX holder

* How will call transfers between PSAP's be managed

* Trunking for vendors to 911 routing by rate center

* Etc./Etc. As you can tell lots of 911 issues to be resolved

New Entrant Handbook

Barry Bishop updated the team on a new entrant handbook that was

recently developed by the Sub-Committee Chairpersons in the Chicago

Trial. The chairs met in Dallas, Texas (hosted by Jim Joerger, MCI)

to develop a handbook that all new entrants could use as a LNP

guideline. Barry passed out copies and will be used as a tool for

future entrant procedures. John Shea stated that new entrants in

Michigan will be handled by Lockheed on a case by case basis.


Next Two Meetings In Chicago, Illinois!!!!!!!!!

June 9, 1997 Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

12:00 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number

Tentative Agenda

Submit Sealed Pick from lists All

Testing Procedures/Updates Dick Dowd

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

Line by line review of the Timeline All/Dick Dowd

Dates for the timeline by all IXC's All

Open Issues

Next meeting

July 11, 1997 Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

8:30 - 12:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number


If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel

free to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@ att.com