Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Detroit, Michigan

June 9, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Present

Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Ed Elkin AT&T

Alan Harris AT&T

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber

Tom VanDusen GTE

John Tate GTE

Bryan Bentlin Lockheed Martin

Dick Dowd MCI/LLC

Jim Joerger MCI Metro

Scot Lewis WorldCom/MFS

Mitch Mitchell WorldCom/MFS

Attendees: NOT Present

Denise Hardaway Ameritech

Mark Wyman Comcast

Rick Arzadon Teleport


Submit Sealed Pick from lists All

Testing Procedures/Updates Dick Dowd

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

Line by line review of the Timeline All

Dates for the timeline by all IXC's All

Open Issues

Next meetings

Larry Vasquez opened up the meeting with an overview of the agenda.

Revised Pick From List

Larry Reviewed the status of the new pick from list submissions. Per Terry Appenzeller, (effective 5/13/97) we are still planning on using Brent Struthers as the data aggregator. Per Brent, on 6/9/97, he is refusing to be the data aggregator for Michigan if GTE is planning on protesting. Sam Mehta and Terry Appenzeller have spoken on many occasions regarding this subject. Issue is that Sam wants to force the MPSC to get their Staff to perform the data aggregation role. However, Bill Celio has been asked by Cathy Conway(AT&T) and Terry to perform this function and he has flatly refused to get involved. That is why we were hoping to get Barry to be the data aggregator.

Per Terry, (6/9/97) he will try and get Brent to do the aggregation role after the steering committee conference call on 6/12/97. The deadline for submittal is June 30, 1997 and we are running out of time. AT&T, MCI have completed their lists and are awaiting who to submit their disks to. WorldCom is still analyzing their market strategy and whether any changes will be required. No word from TCG.

Detroit, Michigan Testing Update

Discussions from Dick Dowd regarding the testing procedures for Detroit. The SPOC 's will work with Dick Dowd and begin planning conference calls and provide the following for the tests:

Telephone Numbers for testing

SSN's (Sub System Numbers)

Trunk Translations

Point Codes


AT&T has determined that testing in Detroit will not be necessary. Therefore, no SPOC will be assigned for the Detroit Implementation.

Ed Elkin, AT&T, presented its testing policy: "For AT&T, there is not a relevant

difference to additional tests in Detroit on 8/18. AT&T will support IXC

LRN routing, and the LRN porting of customers, as shown on the Michigan

Timeline. When GTE comes on in February, 1998, we will test with them as

appropriate, as they may be a new Incumbent."

Questions from Ameritech, and Answers from AT&T:

Q1. What about Ameritech's Switching Control work centers, which are not

involved in the FCC Field Trial?

A1. AT&T also has new internal work centers involved in Detroit, which

are not involved in Chicago. As it is AT&T's problem to transfer the

learning's, so is it Ameritech's. Also, AT&T will not drop 1/4 Million LRN

orders on Ameritech on Day 1; as in other Product Offerings, the roll-out

will be gradual, and done via the two company's Implementation Team,

operating under their Interconnection Agreement.

Q2. What about testing of OSPS, will that be done in Illinois?

A2. Yes, the 5ESS-OSPS LRN feature is on schedule, and will be tested in

Illinois, as shown on the Inter-Company Test Matrix.

Q3. Doesn't AT&T consider NPA Splits a relevant difference to test?

A3. NPA Splits are being tested as part of NPAC SMS Certification and


Q4. What about the U&M ALI database update changes, for 911, for the


A4. Noted that the call flow delivery does not change for the 4E-nodal

customer, it still goes via the ILEC. The ~main number~ does not get LRN

ported, so no ALI database updates are needed.

Follow-up: Ameritech's 911 expert, Nancy DeRoo, still insisted that ALI

database updates would be needed for all the TNs in the PBX.

To date, AT&T and TCG are the only two CLEC's that have not assigned a

SPOC. This seemed to have been the holdup for the establishment of the

Detroit Implementation activity. The announcement that AT&T would not

participate in the Detroit Trial meant that Dick Dowd could now begin his

SPOC conference calls. TCG is now the only CLEC without an assigned SPOC

for Detroit. Larry to follow up with Rick Arzadon on the status of their SPOC assignment. All other CLEC's now have the same SPOC for Detroit as the

Chicago Trial with the exception of TCG.

Statement by MCI:

They do not see a need to extensively repeat the Field Trial, especially

not the Network Element testing. However, they agree that it is beneficial

to port a few TNs between companies, to provide a training opportunity for

new work centers, and to verify items such as 911 work correctly.

Testing will proceed by Ameritech, MCI, TCG, and WorldCom/MFS.

SPOC's are as follows:

Bob Bartenstein Ameritech

Mitch Mitchell WorldCom

Hamp Oberle MCI


No SPOC/No Testing AT&T

Dick has scheduled a Chicago Trial face-to-face meetings in Hoffman Estates on June 19th and 20th. Some of the testing activities for Detroit will come to the surface during these meetings.

Dick is still holding to the dates for Michigan testing as August 18 through September 29, 1997.

911 Testing

Nancy DeRoo stated that the 911 testing is still of great concern for Detroit. The PSAP's in the Detroit area also need to be kept up-to-date. Making sure that each company can bill for surcharges is still an open issue.

Per Nancy, SCC will be capable of the performing the U & M functionality by July 24, 1997, even if it is done manually.

Nancy and Dick to review 911 tests for the next meeting.

Project Timeline Review

A review of the Project Timeline was the last item on the agenda. All companies updated the dates for their company. The timeline was updated by Barry Bishop and is available on www.ported.com.


Next Two Meetings In Chicago, Illinois!!!!!!!!!

July 11, 1997 Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

8:30 - 12:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number

Tentative Agenda:

Status of New Pick From List Larry Vasquez

Testing Procedures/Updates Dick Dowd

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

Open Issues All

Next meeting

August 18, 1997

Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

12:30 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number


If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@ att.com