Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Detroit, Michigan

April 4, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Present

Rick Arzadon Teleport

Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Denise Hardaway Ameritech

Jim Joerger MCI Metro

Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Attendees: NOT Present

Rich Carter Lockheed Martin ( Not Excused)

Mark Wyman Comcast ( Not Excused)

Tom VanDusen GTE ( Not Excused)

Scot Lewis WorldCom (Excused)

For all future meetings, please notify Larry Vasquez if you DO NOT plan on attending. We can set up a bridge number if necessary.


Update on 9/29/97 readiness by all present

What are the tests that we will be State specific

911 issues

What are the testing procedures for a new entrant after the initial cutover

Who will volunteer to coordinate Michigan Test Team

Next Meetings

Open Issues

Larry Vasquez opened up the meeting giving an overview on the action items from the previous meeting. The biggest action item again is the question on whether the new entrants will be ready on 9/29/97 in the State of Michigan.

The following are the results of that poll (i.e. ready on 9/29/97):

AT&T Yes (Larry Vasquez)

Ameritech Yes ( Barry Bishop)

Brooks Fiber No, will not be on Detroit MSA

GTE No, per Sam Mehta (3/25/97 letter from B. Bishop Minutes)

due to software delays, the two GTE switches, in the Detroit MSA, will be ready in the March/April 1998 timeframe

MCI Yes (Jim Joerger)

Teleport Yes, (Rick Arzadon) the 5E11 software upgrade has been

moved from 5/20/97 to 5/2/97. Therefore, in plenty of time for 9/29/97 testing.

Worldcom Yes (Scot Lewis) (3/14/97)

--- Jim Joerger raised the re-consideration order protocol for the State of Michigan. He would like to re-submit the selection list for central office selections. A third party was utilized the last time and we would not use them again. So the question is, how do we formally add C.O.'s in Illinois and Michigan?

The due date is June 30th 1997. It was decided that Larry would take this issue back to Judy Evans and Terry Apenzeller to determine the re-consideration process.

--- Discussions came up again on how we would have GTE test after the original cutover in September. We will have to treat them like a new entrant and will be a good test bed on how to bring on a new entrant.

Rich Carter was not available to discuss how we would officially do this. However, previous discussions were to test via the Terrytown back-up system.

Other tests will be to perform company-to-company testing for LSR's. Also, making sure the switch and line translations needed to be tested too.

We will have a better handle on what needs to happen after the test team meetings next week in Chicago and when GTE folks get engaged.

--- Discussions around whether we will need to update the Michigan Public Services Commission (MPSC) as we move forward. It was determined that we will probably update them on a bi-monthly basis. We can use some of the Illinois FCC updates and adjust for Michigan. Dee Branch will be responsible for the documentation to submit.

--- Lots of discussions around the 911 PSAP's and how we will plan on testing. Nancy DeRoo outlined that we need to consider the following issues:

Per Nancy, default PSAP is determined when they file and by county.

Nancy is to contact Michigan PSAP's to next months Illinois Test Team meetings in Chicago. However, there are 156 PSAP's in Michigan. The PSAP's should pick a NENA representative to attend.

--- GREAT NEWS!!!!!! Jim Joerger spoke with Dick Dowd (MCI) and he has volunteered to be the test team coordinator for Michigan. He is currently the test team coordinator for Illinois. Thanks to Jim and Dick. Big load off of everyone's mind.


Next Two Meetings!!!!!!!!!!

May 6, 1997 Detroit, Michigan

Ameritech HQ

10:00 - 4:00

Tentative Agenda

Update on 9/29/97 readiness by all

What are the testing that we will have do that are State specific

911 Testing Issues

Testing new entrants after the initial cutover

Feedback on Dallas, TX "New Entrant Manual"

June 9, 1997 Detroit, Michigan

Ameritech HQ

10:00 - 4:00


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