Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Detroit, Michigan

February 13, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T, appointed chairperson for this committee.


Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Barry Bishop Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber

Mark Wyman Comcast

Tom VanDusen GTE

Rich Carter Lockheed Martin

Jim Joerger MCI Metro

Rick Arzadon Teleport

Scot Lewis WorldCom

Barry Bishop opened up the meeting giving an overview on how the implementation meetings are going in Illinois.

Barry stated that the Illinois Test Plan will be submitted to the ICC on 2/19/97

Per Jim Joerger, the general availability dates for the DMS LRN Releases are as follows:

DMS 10 10/17

DMS 250 ??

DMS 500 10/31

Lucent 5E 3/28

Per Rich Carter, the NPAC Stratus computers are located at 200 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL. The backup computer is in Terrytown, NY.

Open discussions around the following issues:

same time

Per Mark Wyman, ComCast will be using TCG switches

Per Tom VanDusen, GTE has a GTE 5 in the Temperance C.O.

and a DMS 100 in the Milford C.O.

Barry Bishop led discussions around the Certification Plan for the Illinois LRN LNP via the table of contents that he passed out to the team. Full plans can be viewed either on :

Ameritech's www.ported.com or

MCI Metro's www.cameos.com

The boarded issues that we will need answers to for the next meeting are as follows:

  1. Can Michigan turn up LNP on 9/29/97 (same date as Illinois) as mandated by the Michigan Public Services Commission (MPSC)??????
  2. Will all new entrant's be ready on this date as well??????
  3. How will new participant's get certified and tested with the NPAC??????
  4. How will we handle 911 testing?????

Additional tests will be required in Michigan

Multiple rate centers are currently supported from a single switch

Larry Vasquez volunteered to be the Chairperson for the Michigan Implementation Committee.

The next meeting is scheduled to be in Chicago, Illinois from 8:30 - 3:00, on Friday, March 14, 1997. The meeting will be at 350 Orleans, Chicago, IL (this is the Ameritech Training center on the 4th floor of the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

Room number 438.

The meeting was scheduled in Chicago for the following reasons:

If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@bsimail.bsi.att.com