January 12, 1998


The following are the meeting minutes for the January 12, 1998, Detroit,

Michigan implementation meeting. The meeting was held via conference

call. The attendees are as follows:

Robin Meier Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Larry Prosser Brooks Fiber

Mick Koutz GTE

Dick Dowd MCI


Rick Arzadon TCG

? WorldCom


The agenda is as follows:

Introductions/Overview Vasquez

Detroit GA Delay Vasquez

NPAC, NPA Split Update

Revised GA Date

Celio Notification

Cost Recovery Petition Ameritech

LNP Rollout Schedule Update Meier

Open Issues All

Future Meetings



1998 Michigan Implementation Member Changes as Follows:

Dick Dowd is replacing Jim Joerger for MCI

Robin Meier is replacing Barry Bishop for Ameritech

Larry Prosser joins us from Brooks Fiber

Barry Bishop, Lockheed Martin, will continue to keep www.ported.com

available for LNP information.


NPA Split Update

Larry outlined that once again, the NPA Split software is not ready.

This is due to a delay for the fix from ESI, Lockheed Martin's software

vendor. From last month's meeting minutes, the revised GA date was

re-scheduled to January 5, 1998. Obviously this date was not be met due

to the delay in the fix. The Service Providers were informed by

Lockheed Martin , of the delay, via an e-mail sent to each company's

testers on Thursday, December 18. Lockheed verbally updated everyone

during a cross regional conference call on January 9, 1998.

The software fix was made available to Lockheed Martin on January 7,

1998 for loading into their test machine. The software was loaded and

ready for testing on January 9, 1998. Service Providers will now be

testing from January 12th through January 20th. If the testing is

successful, the new target date for general availability will be January

21, 1998. This is pending any Ameritech regulatory issues that may be

filed with the Michigan Public Services Commission for cost recovery.

Ameritech has already filed a cost recovery petition in the state of

Illinois. Per Bob Reynolds, Ameritech, a similar petition is expected

to be filed by the end of January.

We will be in a better position to determine progress on the "fix", for

the NPA Split problem, in the next few days.

Celio Update On Detroit General Availability Delay

Larry Vasquez has not advised Bill Celio, Michigan Public Services

Commission, of the fourth re-scheduling of the GA date. As mentioned

above, the new date is January 21, 1998. Larry is going to wait and see

how the testing of the NPA Split software goes, this week, before

advising Bill Celio of the date change. Whether the fix is successful

or not will be quickly evident over the next few days. If the fix

works, then Larry will notify Bill of the revised target date of


If it does not work, we will wait and see what the new date would be.

Switch Rollout Schedule

Robin Meier is responsible for sending out a revised switch rollout

schedule due to the GA delay. This new schedule would reflect the new

dates for LNP deployment in the Detroit MSA switches. Robin will be

checking whin within Ameritech manages this roll-out schedule and let us

know during the next call.

Open Issues

Per Dick Dowd, the WorldCom contact's are Shelly Shaw, 214-939-3264 and

Brenda Flood. Larry will copy them both on these meeting minutes


Question: Will Ameritech load codes as of 01/21/98 or is Ameritech

still holding out as in Chicago?

Action: Determine Ameritech's position ASAP.

Responsible: Robin Meier

Status: Assigned 01/12/98. Per Robin, Ameritech hopes to respond

no later than 01/16/98.


Issue: Ameritech needs to update end office rollout date for Detroit

taking in to consideration the G.A. date of 01/21/98.

Action: Determine and publish Ameritech end office rollout schedule

for Detroit.

Responsible: Robin Meier

Status: Assigned 01/12/98. Per Robin, Ameritech hopes to respond

no later than


GTE and WorldCom need to become certified with Lockheed Martin's NPAC

due to being new entrants in the Chicago area. Once certified, both

should port at least one TN with Ameritech then turn up for service.


Question: How does Ameritech plan on handling triggers? Assuming

Detroit goes G.A. on 01/21/98 and assuming that Ameritech,

MCI and TCG all load their codes on that date, will the

codes all be triggered upon loading? The real question

is does this mean that queries will be made on all calls

within the loaded NPA-NXX as soon as loaded?

Action: Determine whether Ameritech will be triggering all codes

open to portability from the start or waiting until the

porting of the first TN within the NPA-NXX that is open

to portability?

Responsible: Robin Meier

Status: Assigned 01/12/98.


Open Issue:

We still need to discuss how GTE, Brooks Fiber and WorldCom will come on

board early next year. Also, how we will address Grand Rapids and Ann

Arbor later in 1998. This will be a topic during our February

conference call.




Future Meetings

The next scheduled conference is on February 2, 1998. The meeting will

start at 8:00 Central Time, 9:00 Eastern Time. The conference call will

last one hour and we will be using the same bridge number. We should

know by then the status of the GA date for Detroit and whether we have

any regulatory issues to discuss.



If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free

to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@ att.com