Attached are the meeting minutes from yesterday’s Detroit Implementation Meeting.

Please note: Next Meeting, on November 14, is from 9:00 - 11:00 via conference bridge only.




Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held In Chicago, Illinois

October 13, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Company

Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch* Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo* Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Clyde Hamby* AT&T

Mick Koutz* GTE

Sam Mehta* GTE

Steve Markowski Lockheed

Dick Dowd* MCI/LLC

Jim Joerger* MCI Metro

Rick Arzadon* TCG

Bob Currier* NENA Michigan


Overview LarryVasquez

Testing Updates Dick Dowd

FCC Trial Update

Detroit Testing Update

Celio GA Letter Larry Vasquez

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

Detroit Timeline Update All

Open Issues All

Future Meetings


Larry opened up the meeting by introducing everyone and reviewing the agenda for today’s meeting.


FCC/Chicago Trial completed on September 26, 1997. The FCC report is currently being finalized and will be delivered, on time, to the FCC on

October 17, 1997

Detroit testing started on 10/1 with the porting process.

The porting process was completed in one week (5-6 days) During the week of 10/6, call through testing was completed between MCI, TCG and Ameritech.

During the week of 10/13 911 testing has been scheduled. Also, AT&T will perform their 8 IXC tests on Wednesday (10/14) for two hours. This will include making calls from ported numbers in Oak Brook, IL to Detroit, MI.

All testing is scheduled to be completed well ahead of the original target date of October 31, 1997

Larry asked if Dick if he intended to generate a report to close out the Detroit testing activity.

Dick said that he would generate a memo, and include list of tests run, to close out the testing for the Detroit MSA.


911 Update - Nancy DeRoo

911 testing still has to be completed as mentioned above. Nancy does not foresee any problems that would interfere with the testing.

Bob Currier stated that he was concerned with the 911 databases being accurate. He referenced recent reports and press that indicated that Ameritech was not managing the database well. Per Nancy, the 911 database will be as accurate as the information provided to Ameritech. The problems that Bob stated were for Interim Number Portability, not with Permanent Number Portability.

Per Bob, will letter to Celio outline the accuracy for the 911 database.

Larry stated that it would not. The letter to Bill Celio is to provide an update on the status of testing and the General Availability date.

Timeline Update

We all reviewed the timeline and updated the pertinent dates such as "ready to port" dates and "ready to query" dates for all service providers.

Sam Mehta indicated that the "ready to port" date for the Temperance switch will be between 1/19/98 - 2/6/98. He does not yet know the date for the Milford switch.

Open action item for Sam. He needs to research whether tandem switches will have any impact on the availability date for the Milford switch.

Larry has an open item to contact Scot Lewis, WorldCom and get the revised "ready to port" date from him.

Barry has an open item to contact Andy Chalk, Sprint and get the revised "ready to query date" from him.

Sam asked if we could have Mark Foster, Lockheed, indicate to the team, how many CLECs selected (i.e. picked) the Milford and Temperance switches. He just wants to know the NUMBER of CLECs, not the name of the CLECs. That is proprietary. No one seemed to have a problem with this. Larry to notify, Mark.

Sam will request from each CLEC, in a separate memo, the date when each CLEC expects to need LNP capability in both the Milford and Temperance offices. This is due to GTE’s lateness in upgrading these two switches until early 1998. Each CLEC to respond to Sam’s request as appropriate.


News Flash!!!!!

Per Rick, TCG is now an inter exchange carrier in the Detroit area.

Their PIC is 292.

Congratulations, welcome to the battlefront.

Also, the 313 Area Code, will split to 734. Permissive dialing begins on December 13, 1997. With mandatory dialing beginning on July 25, 1998

Next Meeting


November Meeting

Conference Bridge Only!! No planned face-to-face meeting!!

Barry Bishop to send out bridge information at a later date.

11/14/97 9:00 - 11:00

Tentative Agenda:

Testing Update

General Availability



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