From: Vasquez, Larry A.


December 17, 1997


Attached is an update to Bill Celio, Michigan Public Services Commission. The update is to notify Bill of the re-scheduling of LNP Implementation to January 5, 1998. He received the update via fax around 9:00 this evening.


December 17, 1997


Bill Celio

MPSC Staff

P. O. Box 30221

Michigan Public Services Commission

6545 Mercantile Way

Lansing, Michigan 48909

Re: Detroit MSA LNP General Availability

Dear Mr. Celio:

The following is an update on the general availability (GA) date for the Detroit MSA. Per my memo, dated November 11, 1997, the GA date for the Detroit MSA was re-scheduled to December 15, 1997. I informed you via voice mail on Friday, December 12, that this date would not be met. The reason for the re-schedule is due a delay in a software fix, for a "bug", in the NPAC.

Please find attached a memo from Donna Navickas, Midwest NPAC Chair, further defining the delay. If you have any questions regarding this update, feel free to call me at (312) 230-6253.


Larry A. Vasquez


Chairman - Michigan Implementation Committee


cc: Terry Appenzeller, Ameritech

Bob Reynolds, Ameritech

Barry Bishop, Ameritech

Sam Mehta, GTE

Dick Dowd, LLC/Midwest Region

Jan Trout-Avery, Lockheed Martin

Jim Joerger, MCI

Donna Navickas, NPAC/SMS Chair

Rick Arzadon, TCG

Scot Lewis, WorldCom



December 15, 1997


To: Larry Vasquez

From: Donna Navickas

Re: Detroit MSA LNP Implementation



Here is the update on where we stand with the NPAC SMS in the MidWest Region:

The NPAC SMS will not be available to support LNP implementation on 12/15/97. The reason for this slippage is that some deliverables and functionality will not be available, in time, to support this implementation date. The Release 1.2 for the NPAC had a very tight schedule for both delivery and regression testing. The release itself was delayed a day (i.e. 12/4 instead of 12/3). In addition, three defects were found during the regression testing. Of these 3, one was critical to cutting live on 12/15/97. The fix for this defect will be available to the Service Providers midday 12/19/97.

With network quiet time and the impending holidays, it was not seen as possible to complete testing, upgrading local products and loading this fix into Production, any sooner than 1/5/98.

If there are any questions please call, 847 248-4487.

Donna Navickas

MidWest NPAC Chair