Team, attached are the meeting minutes from the last Detroit, Michigan implementation meeting.

Sorry this took so long to get out. Next meeting is on September 8,





Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held In Chicago, Illinois

August 18, 1997

Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.

Attendees: Present


Barry Bishop* Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Jim Tamplin AT&T

Clyde Hamby AT&T

Alan Harris* AT&T

John Shea Lockheed

Dick Dowd MCI/LLC

Jim Joerger MCI Metro




Overview Larry


Introduce Clyde Hamby, AT&T SPOC

Letter To Celio From Terry Appenzeller

WorldCom SPOC Absent

8/15/97 to 9/8/97 Start Date

9/29/97 Completion Date

Testing Updates Dick Dowd

FCC Trial Update

NPAC Issues

Detroit Start Date (9/8/97)

Detroit Completion Date (9/29/97)

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

U&M Capabilities

Surcharge Capability

PSAP Transfer Issue

911 Control Office

Open Issues All

Next meeting September 8,


Overview - Larry Vasquez

Larry opened up the meeting introducing Clyde Hamby. Clyde will be the AT&T SPOC for the Ameritech Region. He is located in Atlanta, Georgia and will be attending SPOC conference call and meetings as appropriate. Dick Dowd will be adding Clyde to his distribution lists.

Larry passed out a copy of the letter that Terry Appenzeller, Ameritech, sent to Bill Celio, MPSC Staff. The letter was dated July 17, 1997 and outlined the current status of testing participants and Service Providers that will be LNP capable on 9/29/97.

Larry stated that on Monday, August 11, Mitch Mitchell, WorldCom SPOC resigned from WorldCom. No replacement has been announced. Larry to follow up with Bettie Shelby for replacement.

Larry confirmed that the Detroit MSA testing was moved from August 15, to September 8, 1997. This was due to Ameritech delays in updating their switches. This leaves only two and a half weeks for Detroit testing. Per Dick Dowd this should not impact the completion date of 9/29/97. (SEE ADDENDUM AT END OF MINUTES)

The following summary is added as FYI.

Company Testing Status Assigned SPOC

Ameritech Ready 9/8 Bob

Bartenstein/Walt Subora

AT&T Not Required

Clyde Hamby

GTE Delayed until 2/15/98 No One Assigned

MCI Ready 9/8

Hamp Oberle

TCG No Status

Rick Arzadon

WorldCom Per FCC Letter, Not Participating



Dick Dowd provided a summary of the FCC trial testing in Chicago. Per Dick, the trial is going great and on schedule. There has been a lot of cooperation between all service providers. The target date for completion is still on schedule for 9/26/97.

Per Detroit, the test matrices have been submitted by TCG and Ameritech. Hamp Oberle has not submitted the test matrix for MCI yet. Jim Joerger to follow up with Hamp.

Dick confirmed the start date of 9/8/97. Doesnít pose a problem so far since we will duplicating some of the same tests in Chicago.

Dick stated that the NPAC is live and ready to go. No NPAC issues to report.

OC Jackson asked the group if there were any formal procedures on how to close out a code?

Open discussions on how to close out a code. AT&T may have to request a disconnect from other companies databases.


Nancy stated that Lucent the call transfer problem has been resolved.

It has been field tested with a live selective router and works. This was a big issue for call transfer capabilities to another emergency number such as a Poison Control Center.

I forgot to ask Jim J. if MCI received any feedback on the fix from Nortel. Larry will follow up for the 9/8/97 meeting.

Per Nancy, TCG has said they are not sure about the U & M updates. They will not be ready for the field test. I explained that is part of the test. They will be ready for sure on 10/1.

Status of Companies having U&M Capabilities


Ameritech Y




WorldCom Y



Next Meetings


September 8, 1997

Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center 350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

1:00 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry

Bishop for the

conference bridge number

October Meeting

No Meeting has been set yet. We are

waiting to see the outcome of the Chicago/FCC Trial before we set an

October meeting. More info to follow in the September meeting


If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free

to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@






August 25, 1997

SPOC Team,

I have just received the memo below from Hampton Oberle, MCIís SPOC for the Detroit turn up area.

Per Hampton, MCI will be duplicating their test Matrix that they are currently performing here in Chicago during the Detroit testing.

With this in mind Hampton feels that the time allotted for testing in the Detroit MSA, 9/8 - 9/26 with the first 5 days going to opening the new NPA-NXXs to portability, is not enough time for MCI to complete their desired testing.

MCI has requested that the end of the Detroit testing be moved out by a full week. That would be 10/03 for completion of Inter-Network Testing.

I wanted to provide this information to all involved in Detroit as soon as possible.


Dick Dowd

Detroit Inter-company Test Coordination Manager

LLC/Midwest Region


Date: Mon Aug 25, 1997 11:35 am CDT

From: Hampton Oberle

Subject: Detroit


Based on internal conversations and first hand observance, MCI will be testing the same test types on its EWSD in Detroit. In addition, the inter-lata test cases will be performed. With that in mind, it appears that the amount of test time allocated is insufficient to meet MCIís needs. Based on an LSR issuance of 9/8, testing would commence in 9/15. Presently, this would only allow 2 weeks in order to perform all required tests. I am requesting that testing in Detroit be extended for one week to allow for 3 full weeks of testing.

The assumption that another providers testing of a similar switch type would fulfill the requirements is invalid. Each providers testing may or may not be as extensive. In addition, we will be utilizing a different set of Ameritech ATís and a different MCI LD switch.

I still have incomplete Network information for Ameritech and TCG.

You have my matrix which identifies the missing components.