SPOC Team,

I have set up a new Conference Bridge for our Weekly Detroit SPOC

Conference Calls. The information is as follows:

The next Conference Call is set up for Thursday 9/11 at 10:00 am CDT via 1-800-593-XXXX passcode XXXX. V475-2959 same passcode.

Those who took part in todayís conference call were as follows:

It is assumed that those companyís that will participate in some form of Inter-Company Testing in Detroit are as follows:




ATT a few phone calls 8 type tests & would like to leave

2 numbers up in Chicago 1 ported and 1 non-ported.

All others, by their absence are not being planned for.


Single Point Of Contact Meeting Issues & Actions


ISSUE: ATT wants to make some Intra-Lata calls from Chicago to ported

numbers in Detroit. These would be numbers ported between Ameritech, MCI and TCG.

Action: ATT to provide their control numbers to Ameritech, MCI

and TCG.

Responsible: Clyde Hamby ATT.

Status: Assigned 9/11 Will send after call.

MCI reports that 1 telephone number was ported from Ameritech to MCI however they are still experiencing problems with the number. MCI reports that the window of opportunity is fast closing to test Intra-Lata Ported to Ported Detroit to Chicago. Ameritech Bob to work with MCI Anne to resolve the problem.

Current Schedule Dates:

9/24 Ameritech, MCI and TCG issue LSRs for porting.

TCG needs to have 7.1 form in the hands of Ameritech. Due to this being the first porting in NPA-NXXs that have not been opened to porting, the porting process will take 5 business days.

10/01 All portís due. Initial testing to be initiated by Ameritech

and TCG.

10/03 End of the first week of testing in Detroit. Ameritech

MCI and TCG Test Log report due by COB to Dick Dowd via Email.

10/06 First Detroit Testing Report due by Dick Dowd.

Initiate second week of testing.

ATT make first Intra-Lata calls from Chicago to Detroit.

10/10 End of second week of testing. Test Log Reports due

to Dick Dowd via Email.

10/13 Second Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd

Initiate third week of testing.

10/17 End of third week of testing. Test log reports due.

10/20 Third Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd

Initiate forth week of testing.

10/24 End of forth week of testing. Test log reports due.

10/27 Forth Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd.

Submit LSRs for Port to Original or submit discoís.

10/30 Due date for all numbers to be returned to original

service provider.

10/31 Last report due.

Dick Dowd

Detroit Inter-company Test Coordination Manager

LLC/Midwest Region

NPAC Phone 312-382-8090

NPAC Fax 312-382-8080


972-918-1499 fax

972-498-5022 alternate fax

Vnet 757-5069

Pager 1-800-PAGEMCI Pin# 1742797

Email Richard Dowd / MCI ID: 258-4443

Internet 0002584443@mci.com