SPOC Team,

I have set up a new Conference Bridge for our Weekly Detroit SPOC

Conference Calls. The information is as follows:

The next Conference Call is set up for Thursday 9/11 at 10:00 am CDT via 1-800-593-XXXX passcode 4445. V475-2959 same passcode.

Those who took part in todayís conference call were as follows:

Dick Dowd LLC

OC Jackson ATT

Larry Vasquez ATT

Anne Driscoll Ameritech

Bob Bartenstein Ameritech

Clive Chamby ATT

Rick Arzadon TCG

It is assumed that those companyís that will participate in some form of Inter-Company Testing in Detroit are as follows:




All others, by their absence are not being planned for.


Single Point Of Contact Meeting Issues & Actions


ISSUE: ATT wants to make some Intra-Lata calls from Chicago to ported

numbers in Detroit. These would be numbers ported between Ameritech, MCI and TCG.

Action: ATT to provide their control numbers to Ameritech, MCI

and TCG.

Responsible: Clyde Hamby ATT.

Status: Assigned 9/11

Current Schedule Dates

9/8 Earliest date that testing can start in the Detroit MSA

based upon LNP capable switch dates.

MCI submitted LSR to Ameritech to port one number over.

Submit LSRs for

initial porting.

9/12 Due date for first port in Detroit MSA number from Ameritech

to MCI. Initial call to be made by MCI.

Tests made to ensure that MCI is now providing dialtone for their newly ported in telephone Number.

9/24 Ameritech, MCI and TCG issue LSRs for porting.

TCG needs to have 7.1 form in the hands of Ameritech. Due to this being the first porting in NPA-NXXs that have not been opened to porting, the porting process will take 5 business days.

10/01 All portís due. Initial testing to be initiated by Ameritech

and TCG.

10/03 End of the first week of testing in Detroit. Ameritech

MCI and TCG Test Log report due by COB to Dick Dowd via Email.

10/06 First Detroit Testing Report due by Dick Dowd.

Initiate second week of testing.

ATT make first Intra-Lata calls from Chicago to Detroit.

10/10 End of second week of testing. Test Log Reports due

to Dick Dowd via Email.

10/13 Second Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd

Initiate third week of testing.

10/17 End of third week of testing. Test log reports due.

10/20 Third Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd

Initiate forth week of testing.

10/24 End of forth week of testing. Test log reports due.

10/27 Forth Detroit Testing Report by Dick Dowd.

Submit LSRs for Port to Original or submit discoís.

10/30 Due date for all numbers to be returned to original

service provider.

10/31 Last report due.

Dick Dowd

Detroit Inter-company Test Coordination Manager

LLC/Midwest Region

NPAC Phone 312-382-8090

NPAC Fax 312-382-8080


972-918-1499 fax

972-498-5022 alternate fax

Vnet 757-5069

Pager 1-800-PAGEMCI Pin# 1742797

Email Richard Dowd / MCI ID: 258-4443

Internet 0002584443@mci.com