On Thursday August 7 a Face-To-Face meeting was held at the Ameritech’s facility in Hoffman Estates.

Those who took part in today’s call were as follows:

Name Company Fax



*Dick Dowd LLC/ICC Work Shop

*Bob Bartenstien Ameritech

*Rajeev Trika TCG

*Hamp Oberle MCI

*Anne Driscoll MCI

*Larry Lovett SPRINT

*Debbie Cathy ATT

*Eileen O’Shea ATT

*Carmen Ameritech

*Dick TCG

*Art Brett TCG

*Nancy DeRoo 911

*Mary Sharp 911

*Walt Subora Ameritech

*Brent Struthers ICC


Single Point Of Contact Meeting Issues & Actions


Discussion: Option 1: NPAC manually loads the Database. SPs submit

Consensus: Option 2 was selected. Dick Dowd called Jeannine Whalen

SPOC’S PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion: TCG is working with the NPAC to complete their SP to NPAC

Test Matrix-

ISSUE: The last update to the Test Matrix will be Emailed out 8/8.

ISSUE: Nancy DeRoo is checking to insure that the Test Numbers are


ISSUE: Control numbers for each participant need to be provisioned.

ISSUE: Will the LSRs initiated by participants be requesting coordination




Company Contact Name Contact information Fax Number for Company

Ameritech Sue Seitz 414-227-2983 800-582-9266

Notes Karen Harrington 414-390-2688 414-584-6142 pgr

Sue is only involved with Receipt of LSRs that Ameritech will port out. Sue is NOT involved is issuing LSRs port out.

ATT Eileen O’Shea 312-230-6322 312-230-8305

Notes Pager 1-800-258-0000

Pin 1286681

SPOC Debbie Cathy 732-870-7875 pager 1-800 258-0000 5293712


MCI Diane Desautels 972-761-4978 MCI Mail ID 218-7600

Notes 972-761-4917 Fax

SPOC Hamp Oberle pager 1-800-pagemci Pin 1792087

TCG Art Brett 718-355-5720 Fax 718-355-4804

Notes Pager Number 917-948-0982

SPOC Rajeev Trika pager 312-740-3013

It was decided that for Chicago FCC Field Test those LSRs requiring coordination will need a phone call the day prior to the due date for coordination.

ISSUE: The Test Result Log for was reviewed and it was determined that

It was noted that the SPOC’s will use the form to track results on a daily basis. They will send them to Dick Dowd at the end of the week. Dick Dowd will summarize the data received, excluding vendor’s and Service Providers names. Listing only the results.

The SPOC’s also requested that the same format be used for the FCC Field Test Report.

ISSUE: Daily reporting needs to be determined.

the SPOC’s the morning call will be held at 10:00 CDT.

1-800-593-XXXX passcode XXXX, V475-2959.

Friday 8/15 there will also be a 4:00 pm conference call

to determine status of ported numbers.

1-800-593-XXXX passcode XXXX V475-2959.

ISSUE: There is a need for a Meet Me Bridge.


ISSUE: The SPOC Team needs to verify their Service Provider Data.

ISSUE: Need to verify/change Porting Matrix.

ISSUE: Need to determine final topography.

Day Two: August 8, 1997

ISSUE: SPID information is needed from each Service Provider.

ACTION: Anne Driscoll collected the SPID information and will

RESPONSIBLE: Anne Driscoll & Dick Dowd

STATUS: Assigned 8/8

Discussion: Coordination of Test’s that require coordination. Bob Bartenstein lead the team through his matrix of tests that utilize Coordination.

FCC Field Test schedule accommodating the 8/11 start.

Ameritech, ATT, MCI and SPRINT will be the four participants on August 11, who will initiate the FCC Field Test.

TCG will join, provided they complete their NPAC Testing. TCG is targeting to join the FCC Field Test at the Second Porting. This will be their first porting.