On Thursday July 24, 1997 the weekly Single Point Of Contact Conference Call was held via conference bridge, 1-800-593-XXXX passcode "XXXX", at 9:00 AM CST. The next meeting will be Thursday 7/31 at 9:00 AM CDT via conference bridge 1-800-593-XXXX passcode "XXXX". The next Face-To-Face meeting of the Chicago SPOC's is scheduled as below:

Dick, I have made arrangements for the 8/7 and 8/8 face-to-face SPOC meeting. The meeting will be held at Ameritech's facility in Hoffman Estates. On 8/7 we will be meeting in room 2I62 and on 8/8 we will be meeting in room 2I50. Dick Dowd will set up a conference bridge and post the number in next week's minutes. Lets plan on meeting in the main lobby at 9:00am CDT on the 7th. For those that don't make it by 9:00am CDT they should have the Security Guard page me at 216-962-5415 and I will come and get them. Thanx, Bart

P.S. I have made arrangements for a continental breakfast each day. However, I don't know who is going to buy me dinner on the 7th. Those who took part in today's call were as follows:

Name Company Fax ============================================================================== Dick Dowd LLC/ICC Work Shop

Joe Questore Bellcore 908-758-4389

Bob Bartenstien Ameritech 216-822-5039 847-248-3762

Mitch Fuchs AT&T

Andy Chalk SPRINT

Rajeev Trika TCG

Hamp Oberle MCI

Anne Driscoll MCI

Larry Lovett SPRINT

Debbie Cathy ATT ============================================================================== Single Point Of Contact Meeting Issues & Actions =============================================================================== Test Matrix-

ISSUE: Control phone numbers, second port numbers, etc., need to be provided so that specific testing dates can be scheduled where the test calls for coordination between participating company's.

ACTION: Dick Dowd will contact representatives from SPRINT, WC, and TCG in an attempt to obtain the needed information. If it can be obtained Dick will schedule another conference call for Wednesday July 2nd. Arrangement's for this call will be provided under separate cover.


STATUS: Complete with the exception of 800, 900 and 500 numbers. Ameritech to obtain an 800 on a Control Number in a portable NXX at Downers Grove. Ameritech to research 900, 500 numbers. SPRINT to research.

ACTION: In order to test calling card as Ameritech and SPRINT have indicated on their Testing Matrix, they will need to obtain calling cards for use during the FCC Field Test.

RESPONSIBLES: Bob Bartenstein/Ameritech and Andy Chalk/SPRINT

STATUS: Assigned July 17

SPRINT - 1-800-250-XXXX to 847-759-XXXX porting to MCI.

AMERITECH - 800 not yet but requested 630-271-XXXX & 630-435-XXXX. 630-441- XXXX

ATT no 800 testing for FCC Field Test


ISSUE: Nancy DeRoo is checking to insure that the Test Numbers are listed properly in the 911 data base.

ACTION: SPOC's need to determine which addresses are associated with which telephone number. This is needed ASAP.


STATUS: Ameritech, used the address of their switch as the address for the telephone number and is available on their network form.

ATT sent them directly to Nancy.

Function: I

Telephone Number: "[630-359-XXXX to 630-359-XXXX][ 630-541-XXXX to 630-541-XXXX]"

House Number: XXXX

House Number Suffix:

Prefix Directional:

Street Name: M Ave

Street Suffix:

Post Directional:

Community Name: Downers Grove III

State: IL


Customer Name: Rosemary

Class of Service: 1

Type of Service: 3 -----------------XXXX M Ave, Downers Grove Ill. (The person who lives at this address is XXXXXXXXX)

THE DNs that should be used are as follows: 630-541-XXXX to XXXX

MCI has a provisioning problem and will get back to us ASAP.


ISSUE: In light of the new FCC Field Test Start date and the number of participant's the Test Matrix needs to be reviewed by each participant.

ACTION: Each SPOC to review the Test Matrix based upon the matrix of which numbers will be ported to whom on what days and determine their final cut. This information needs to be available prior to the conference call next week. It is to be sent to Dick Dowd for distribution.

Types of information needed are:

Phone Numbers, per test case with whom from and to.

RESPONSIBLES: Bob Bartenstein, Hamp Oberle, Larry Lovett and Rajeev Trika.

STATUS: Assigned 7/17

SPRINT - received 7/23

MCI - 7/28

ATT - 7/28

Ameritech - received by phone 7/24

TCG - 7/28


ISSUE: MCI has requested that each SPOC provide the name and numbers for their LSR Task Force person so that these points of contact can discuss preparations for the FCC Field Test.

ACTION: Each SPOC to provide the name of their LSR person along with their phone number so that this discussion can commence. This information is needed ASAP.


STATUS: Assigned June 26 Complete 7/24 6/27

MCI's LSR contact is Diane Desautels

Company: AT&T Name: Eileen T. O’Shea

Ameritech The LSR SME in Ameritech will be Sue Seitz. Sue is only involved with the RECEIPT of LSRs for numbers that Ameritech will port OUT of it's network. She is NOT involved with issuing LSRs for porting numbers into Ameritech. Ameritech feels that no pre porting conference call is needed. TCG - Art Brett

SPRINT - Cathy McDowell

ACTION: Each SP needs to ensure that their numbers are in the 911 DB prior to the start of the FCC Field Test. Each SP to provide their service due date.


STATUS: Ameritech 7/8 7/11, MCI 7/10, TCG 7/15, SPRINT has stand alone, ATT ????


ISSUE: ATT now wants to test CLASS via Ameritech to MCI and others.

ACTION: ATT to start standard procedure for these kinds of arrangement's with Ameritech. RESPONSIBLE: Mitch Fuchs / Debbie Cathy

STATUS: Assigned 7/24 Anne Driscoll, question for SPRINT do you intend to test CLASS with MCI? Answer: Yes, Andy Chalk will update.


ISSUE: Control numbers for each participant need to be provisioned.

ACTION: Provision Control Numbers.


STATUS: Ameritech - Control numbers are working, some still need to have voice mail message assigned.

ATT - Control numbers are working, still need to have voice mail message assigned.

MCI - Reports that control numbers were ordered but that they do not have capacity on their Bensenville Switch. Hamp Oberle escalating within MCI and will update ASAP. SPRING - Four control numbers are in two will be up 8/1.

TCG - Will be up 8/1.


ISSUE: Will the LSRs initiated by participants be requesting coordination on them?

Each participant indicated that they will check the coordination block on the LSR.

ACTION: Each participant will need to identify the name and phone number of their coordination person for coordination of LSRs.


STATUS: Assigned 7/24

For those that need it I have enclosed the PPT 4.0 version of the MCI SS7 topography.

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