Subject: FCC Field Test Weekly Report - Week 4


Illinois FCC LNP Field Test

Week 4 Summary


Week 4 of the Illinois FCC LNP Field Test (Field Test) completed the first round of call through testing and initiated the second round of porting. This second round of porting moves telephone numbers further away from their original native switch. Telephone numbers that originated on SP-A 4 weekís ago will reflect SP-B as the old SP and SP-C as the new SP.

Example: Service Provider SP-A originally provides phone service to

555-5555. In Week 1 of the FCC LRN Field Test 555-5555 was ported to SP-B and tested by SP-B in Week 2 and 3. Next week 555-5555 will be ported from SP-B to SP-C.

Once ported a second round of call through testing will be initiated. During this second round any service provider that was unable to complete certain tests during the first round will get a second chance to perform these tests. Also new for this week is the addition of a fifth participant.

This participant having completed their SP to SP via NPAC testing and having loaded their service provider data, will join the other four participants. The scenario is the same as a new to LNP service provider initiating service in an area that is already open to LNP.

The FCC Field Test remains on schedule for three of the original four participantís. A fifth participant has now been added. One switch venderís switch experienced a problem and has a CSR opened on it. The other switch venderís need to be checked with the exact same circumstances to verify whether they have a problem as well.

Individual SP reports.



SP-A participant reports having made several (9) wireless test calls The test calls included calls from wireless to ported land lines and from ported numbers to wireless numbers. All test calls passed.

On 8/21/97 SP-A made three test calls to E911. One test call was from XXX-XXX-1460 and two were from XXX-XXX-9510. The calls were successful. addresses were verified, TN, and the SP-A ID was correct. The PSAP surcharge was 25 cents for each call. The calls were forwarded to correct Police Department.

On 8/28/97 SP-A encountered a problem in the Joliet EWSD switch. SP-A had to remove the ported-in code of 280 to fix a circuit switched data customer trouble report. The problem is that the LNP query response returns to the same point in the EWSD switch for both voice and data. Since there is only one route out (the voice route) of the switch the data call fails. A CSR 97D992 has been opened with Siemens. SP-A has developed, tested and installed a translations fix for this problem to enable us to continue with the FCC field trial.

SP-A has issued and received LSRs for the second round of ports and have also issued and received the associated FOCs. SP-A service orders have been issued for the associated second round ports and are at the SOA to be sent to the NPAC. SP-Aís association with the NPAC has been down from approximately 7:00pm CDT on 9/3/97. Therefore we have not been able to send the appropriate messageís to the NPAC.

In addition to the above SP-A reports the completion of the following:

TEST CASE NO. DATE PASS/FAIL COMMENTS 8/29 P 2 test calls made both

passed 8/29 P (NOTE 1) 9 test calls made 7 passed 8/29 P 1 test calls made 8/29 P 1 test call made 8/29 P 2 test calls made both

passed 8/29 P 1 test call made 8/29 P 1 test call made 8/29 P 2 test calls made both


NOTE 1: The two test calls that are shown as failed are because we received a busy signal when we made the call.


SP-B participant reports the second wave of porting began this week, the only testing to report was Cellular Call Through tests.


4.7.1 8/26 P Wireline ported to Wireless non-ported

4.7.2 8/26 P Wireless non-ported to Wireline



SP-C participant reports having completed 4.3.4 (conflict resolution) and (Supp to cancel) with AT&T.


SP-D participant reports they completed and in their DesPlaines 5ESS switch, for a total of two this week.

SP-D has rescheduled their CLASS testing with SP-C for Monday 9/8. SP-D

was previously unable to execute these testís due to a problem experienced

by SP-C NP/SCP invalid SS7 message problem.

SP-D will probably add some ported to Cellular next week.

Reference attachment (LNPTM.DOC) for further details.

NOTES: SP-D -Cannot execute the majority of the scheduled tests until SP-E

ports with SP-D. Should be this week.

2-SP-E was NPAC certified on 9/5. LSRís were issued on 9/5 with 9/10 due date.


As of 9/5, 85 of 164 test have been completed.

SP-E reports being certified as of 9/5 and that they have loaded their service provider data. SP-Dís porting of telephone numbers are for a due date of 9/10.


SP-E completed NPAC certification on 9/5. LSRís were issued to SP-E on 9/5 with due dates of 9/10.

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