LIDB issue has been uncovered by Carmen Colella of Ameritech. Please refer to your LIDB groups.


Dick Dowd

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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 20:13:48 -0500

From: "Carmen Colella " <>

Subject: LIDB Validation

Message-Id: <"45900271907991/27315 IN-DECTSAP"@MHS>

LNP LIDB Validation Issue

The following is describing a scenario for Local Number Portability involving LIDB validation queries.

The scenario involves a a number that has ported to another service provider and the LIDB validation location has moved to another LIDB provider (other than the incumbents). When the validation query originates from a company/network that is not directly involved in the LNP service in the specific MSA, the query may fail when trying to validated at the new LIDB location. The reason for the failure is due to the Gateway Screening that is performed at the various hub vendor locations.

The following is an example of the validation query failure scenario

The customer who has 630-435-0195 has ported from Ameritech to MCI. MCI stores their ported customers in Illuminetís LIDB. The customer is now in New York City making an intraLATA call and billing it to 630-435-0195 (bill to third)

re-launch the query.

After contacting GTEINS, they agreed, for the trial, to allow all queries to flow through their network, from Ameritech, regardless of the calling party address. Once this was done the query from Nynex apparently made it through GTEINS but was blocked at the Illuminet STP. It was blocked there because Illuminet is not expecting to receive queries from Nynex over the links from GTEINS because Nynex currently use SNET to send queries to Illuminetís LIDB. This was confirmed in a conversation with Illuminet.

From my understanding of the current screening in the SS7 network, calling party addresses are screened and only accepted on specific links. This is to protect the security of the network.

A related issue to the above involves how hub vendors count queries for billing purpose. My understanding is that they count queries based on calling party address and then render a bill to that company. Obviously, queries hitting hub vendors from companies they have no billing arrangement with will cause a problem.

The above issue is not unique to the Illinois trial. This is a nationwide LNP issue and must be addressed with companies directly involved with LNP including LIDB owners and SS7 hub vendors.

Carmen Colella