July 14, 1997


To: Michigan Implementation Team

Attached are the meeting minute from last Friday's meeting.

If you have any questions, please call me on (321) 230-6253





Michigan Number Portability Implementation Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held In Chicago, Illinois

July 11, 1997


Meeting Minutes taken by Larry Vasquez, AT&T.


Attendees: Present 

Barry Bishop* Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Nancy DeRoo Ameritech

Walt Subora Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Prosser Brooks Fiber

Tom VanDusen* GTE

Brent Struthers ICC

Jan Trout- Avery Lockheed Martin

Dick Dowd MCI/LLC

Bill Belshaw MCI

Jim Joerger* MCI Metro

Hamp Oberle MCI

Rick Arzadon* Teleport/TCG

Mitch Mitchell* WorldCom/MFS


* Attended via Bridge



Testing Procedures/Status Dick Dowd

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

New Pick From List Update Larry Vasquez

Open Issues All

Next meetings


Larry Vasquez opened up the meeting with an overview of the agenda.

Larry updated the team on the letter that Brent Struthers sent out to

the FCC on July 10, regarding the delay of the start date of the

Chicago Field Trial. The Trial start date was moved form July 24, to

August 11, 1997. The letter did not indicate whether the completion

date of 9/29/97 was to be extended. The SPOCs, lead by Dick Dowd,

were asked to investigate the impact on the schedule and whether the

testing could be completed in 5 weeks.


Dick outlined that it looked good for the original completion date and

would know more by next week.


Brent distributed a letter that was sent to Regina Keeney, FCC, by

Anne La Lena, Assistant Director, Regulatory Affairs, WorldCom. The

letter stated that WorldCom would NOT be participating in the Chicago

Field Trial. The letter further indicated that "WorldCom's decision

does not in any way reflect a lessened commitment by WorldCom or any

of its subsidiaries to successful implementation of LNP. Instead,

such a decision enables MFS to focus more effectively on timely LNP

deployment for all end users nationwide."


Mitch Mitchell was aware of the letter but could not expand on any

potential entry dates for Chicago or Detroit. However, since

WorldCom was backing out of the field trial in Chicago. It would also

stand to reason that WorldCom would not be present in Detroit as well.

Larry Will follow up with Scot Lewis, WorldCom.


Dick Dowd reminded the team that the original start date for testing

in Detroit was 8/15. Barry Bishop stated that the switches for

Ameritech would not be ready for testing until September 8, 1997.

Therefore, that is the new start testing date for Detroit. That

means we will begin testing on 9/8/97 and continue through 9/29/97.


Dick Dowd outlined that he was continuing to have difficulty in

getting the SPOCs engaged for the Detroit MSA. To date, only MCI and

Ameritech have been actively involved. Very little representation has

come from WorldCom and TCG. WorldCom has now officially backed out of

Chicago Trial testing. Assuming that they will not be testing in

Detroit too, and AT&T is not required to test in Detroit, that only

leaves TCG.


Rick Arzadon stated that Phil Preswerski and Tom Schroeder should be

TCG persons to interface with. They need to contact either Dick or

Larry ASAP.


Per Nancy DeRoo, Ron Cost, TCG, has taken over for Tom Sellick for 911

related issues. Rick to contact Ron for status.


To date, the following are the testing status and SPOC assignments for

each company:


Company Testing Status Assigned SPOC


Ameritech Ready 9/8 Bob Bartenstein/Walt Subora

AT&T Not Required

GTE Delayed until 2/15/98 No One Assigned

MCI Ready 9/8 Hamp Oberle

TCG No Status No One Assigned

WorldCom Per FCC Letter, Not Participating



Dick outlined that all SPOC's needed to review the "delta" test

requirements that Barry Bishop and Dick have provided to all vendors.

They must submit a testing matrices to Dick so he can plan on what

amount of testing to schedule.


Hamp to review Barry's list to see what needs to be tested


Hamp to provide Dick with matrices


Walt Subora, standing in for Bob Bartenstein, had not seen the "delta"

test plans, but was confident that Bob B. had.


Dick mentioned that there are SPOC conference calls every Thursday as


9:00 - Chicago Activities

10:00 - Detroit Activities




Test team and Turn up Escalations


Larry did send out E-Mail messages and followed up with telephone

calls to Scot Lewis and Ed Goulde last week. After today's meeting,

Larry again left voice mail messages for both regarding testing in

the Detroit MSA. This was per a conference call between Dee Branch

and Bob Reynolds, Ameritech and Larry Vasquez. The conference call

took place after the meeting. Bob Reynolds advised Larry of the


* Contact WorldCom (Scot Lewis) and TCG (Ed Goulde)

* Determine if either company will be testing and turning up service,

in the Detroit MSA, per the agreed upon schedule

* Ask for their position in writing if possible

* Notify Terry Appenzeller of their verbal or written answer

* Terry to notify Bill Celio, MPSC (with Bob's assistance) of testing

status and whether either company will be LNP capable on 9/29/97

* Also, include that GTE will not be LNP capable until 2/15/98

* Update Celio by Wednesday, July 16






911 Update


Status of Companies having U&M Capabilities



Ameritech Y




WorldCom Y



911 Technical Difficulties


Lucent switch problem when a PSAP tries to transfer a call to another

switch with a ten digit trigger. Joe Lichter, Lucent, is aware and

working the issue. No. 5 control offices are impacted. This problem

is created by PSAP transfers only. The PSAP person attempting to

transfer the call gets a re-order tone. Per Jim and Barry, this is a

serious problem and can affect the testing timeline. Work arounds

would not be acceptable. Per Jim Joerger, Nortel has the same problem

and is working the issue.


Per Nancy DeRoo

* Craft BWM by beginning of next week.

* Surcharges - all vendors ready

* The Testing C.O. for Detroit must be a 911 Control Office in order

to perform 911 test




Revised Pick From List


Larry outlined that Lockheed Martin completed the data aggregation for

the new pick from lists. Barry was concerned that the lists that I

sent out covered the entire State of Michigan. Jim outlined that we

were only concentrating our new pick from lists for the Detroit MSA.

Barry stated that 18 or 19 new switches were selected in the Detroit



Originally, Sam Mehta, GTE was to protest the data aggregation

process. However, per an E-Mail dated July 1, 1997, to Larry Vasquez

and Terry Appenzeller, Sam determined that in the best interest of the

team that we move forward. Sam stated that,


"Since a continued impasse over this issue may not be constructive to

industry's cooperative efforts toward implementing LNP in the


tight time schedule stipulated upon it, now it is only appropriate


this issue is put behind. To this end, though it does not completely

endorse the process, GTE will accept the offices that may have been

requested via Lockheed and develop plans for implementing LNP at these


provided they are consistent with FCC's MSA guidelines."


Barry Bishop will make available at the next meeting will make

available the "delta" of Ameritech central offices picked to Chicago

and Detroit.


Per the Michigan order, the entire State of Michigan was eligible for

LNP switch selections. Larry to work with Terry Appenzeller to

determine how we engage newly selected ILEC's into the LNP process.


The FCC selected only three MSA's. Those being:


Ann Arbor

Grand Rapids


Jim Joerger suggested the following format for the newly selected



Delta MSA's FCC Date SP dates (To Mark Foster)



Barry Bishop to check on other Central Offices that were selected in

the rest of the State.

Barry can't provide dates for the new switches at this point in time.

He will advise in next meeting. For now, use the last date mandated

by the FCC (9 months prior to the mandated interval, before the

selection process). If you missed that date, then you have to go

through the Bonifide Request (BFR) process.


6/30 was Chicago

8/15 for Detroit

3/30/98 for Michigan






Next Two Meetings In Chicago, Illinois!!!!!!!!!


August 18, 1997 Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

1:00 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number

Tentative Agenda:

Testing Procedures/Updates Dick Dowd

911 Testing Issues Nancy DeRoo

Open Issues All

Next meeting


September 8, 1997

Chicago, Illinois

Ameritech Training Center

350 Orleans (Holiday Inn Mart Plaza)

4th Floor

1:00 - 5:00

If you cannot attend in person, call Barry Bishop for the

conference bridge number




If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel

free to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@ att.com