February 4, 1998



The following are the meeting minutes from the February 2, 1998,

Detroit, Michigan implementation meeting. The meeting was held via

conference call. The attendees are as follows:

Robin Meier Ameritech

Bob Reynolds Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Larry Prosser Brooks Fiber

Sarge Downey GTE

Mick Koutz GTE


Dick Dowd MCI

Rick Arzadon TCG

? WorldCom


The agenda is as follows:

Introductions/Overview Vasquez

Cost Recovery Update Reynolds/Vasquez

NPA Split Fix Update Vasquez

New Entrant Discussions All

Open Issues All

Future Meetings



Larry opened up the meeting with introductions and reviewed the above


Sarge Downey joins the team from GTE. He has been involved in the

Houston MSA testing for GTE. Welcome aboard Sarge!!


Cost Recovery Petition

Per Bob Reynolds, Ameritech is still planning on filing a cost recovery

petition with the Michigan Public Services Commission (MPSC). Ameritech

had planned on filing the petition before the end of January. However,

due to delays in cost analysis data, the date has been moved to early

February. Bob stated that Ameritech will be submitting a "file and use"

petition which will expedite proceedings.

Bob will notify Larry when the petition has been filed and when the MPSC

makes a decision. Larry will then notify everyone via this broadcast


NPA Split Update

The software fix for the NPA Split problem was made available to

Lockheed Martin on January 7, 1998. The software was loaded and ready

for testing on January 9, 1998. Service Providers tested from January

12th through January 20th. The testing was successful and subsequently

loaded onto all production machines on January 21, 1998. Therefore, the

Detroit MSA is "technically" ready to support LNP. However, due to the

cost recovery petition that Ameritech is expecting to file no codes will

be loaded and LNP deployment is delayed indefinitely.


Switch Roll-out Schedule

Robin Meier is still responsible for sending out a revised switch

roll-out schedule when cost recovery is approved. This new schedule

would reflect the new dates for LNP deployment in the Detroit MSA

switches. Robin is still planning on providing everyone with a revised

roll-out schedule as soon as a new General Availability date is



Action Items



Question: Will Ameritech load codes as of 01/21/98 or is Ameritech

still holding out as in Chicago?

Action: Determine Ameritech's position ASAP.

Responsible: Robin Meier

Opened: Assigned 01/12/98. Per Robin, Ameritech hopes to respond

no later than 01/16/98.

Status: Closed, per Robin, on 1/19/98. Ameritech will not be loading

any codes until Cost Recovery is approved.


Issue: Ameritech needs to update end office roll-out date for Detroit

taking in to consideration the G.A. date of 01/21/98.

Action: Determine and publish Ameritech end office roll-out schedule

for Detroit.

Responsible: Robin Meier

Opened: Assigned 01/12/98.

Status: Open - New roll-out schedule will be available once a General

Availability date has been established





Question: How does Ameritech plan on handling triggers? Assuming

Detroit goes G.A. on 01/21/98 and assuming that Ameritech,

MCI and TCG all load their codes on that date, will the

codes all be triggered upon loading? The real question

is does this mean that queries will be made on all calls

within the loaded NPA-NXX as soon as loaded?

Action: Determine whether Ameritech will be triggering all codes

open to portability from the start or waiting until the

porting of the first TN within the NPA-NXX that is open

to portability?

Responsible: Robin Meier

Opened: Assigned 01/12/98.

Status: Open


Meeting Addendum

Received a call from Denise Thomas, WorldCom, on February 2, 1998. She

will be our primary Detroit, MI contact with Shelly Shaw as a back-up

implementation support person. Denise can be reached on (510) 824-2007.

Welcome aboard Denise!!!!



Future Meetings

The next scheduled conference is on February 23, 1998. The meeting will

start at 8:00 Central Time, 9:00 Eastern Time. The conference call will

last one hour and we will be using the same bridge number. We should

now by then the status of the cost recovery petition that Ameritech

plans on filing. We will also receive an update from GTE on how the

Houston testing is coming along. Finally, we should get an update from

WorldCom on their anticipated entry date in Detroit.

We have tentatively scheduled a face-to-face meeting in Detroit,

Michigan on March 2, 1998. This is dependent upon the Ameritech cost

recovery petition being filed, approved, and effective.

Dee Branch is usually the host for these face-to-face meetings. The

meeting information is as follows:

Location: Ameritech-Michigan Headquarters

444 Michigan Avenue

Detroit, Michigan (Downtown)

Logistics: Room to be announced

9:30 A.M. (EST) - Coffee & Rolls

10:00A.M. - Meeting Begins

12:00 Noon - Working Lunch

1:00 - 3:00 - Reconvene/wrap-up

We would be meeting to discuss the following:

General Availability Date

Revised Ameritech Roll-out Schedule

GTE's and WorldCom's Testing and Entry Status

Confirmation on What "Codes" Will be Loaded

Status of Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor Implementation

Other LNP Related Issues

Caution!!! The face-to-face meeting is TENTATIVE!!!!! Do not make any

flight arrangements until our scheduled conference call on February 23,



If you have any questions or corrections to this memo, please feel free

to call me on (312) 230-6253 or via E-Mail on lvasquez2@ att.com