Two conference calls were held this week preparing for LNP turn-up in Detroit, Michigan.

The first conference call was held on Monday March 30, 1998.The attendees are as follows:

Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Beth Watkins AT&T

Robin Meier Ameritech

Bob Reynolds Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech

Mick Koutz GTE

Jan Trout-Avery Lockheed Martin

John Pope Lockheed Martin

Dick Staff Lockheed Martin

Dick Dowd MCI

Bob Currier SCC

Rick Arzadon TCG

Denise Thomas WorldCom

Larry opened up the meeting with an overview of what needed to be reviewed during the meeting. The agenda is as follows:

Cost Recovery Issue

SPís status on loading Codes

Status on Ameritech to provide revised switch roll-out schedule

Per Bob Reynolds, it looks like Ameritech is planning to turn-up not only Detroit, Michigan but also Chicago, Illinois on 3/31/98. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!

The FCC may still issue a cost recovery order by 3/31/98 but nobody is holding their breath.

Ameritech has decided to rescind their tariff for the line charge for LNP that had been previously submitted in Michigan for cost recovery. The tariff for LNP service will still be effective on 3/31/98. Therefore, Ameritech will be turning up LNP in Chicago and Detroit without an active tariff for cost recovery.

Larry polled all of the SPís on their status of loading codes. All SPís confirmed that all of their respective codes would be loaded by 3/31/98. Therefore, we are planning on all being ready to "go live" on 4/1/98.

Beth Watkins raised a concern regarding the area code split of 313 into 734. She wanted to make sure that everyone was able to "see" the codes/split in their respective systems. Jan Trout-Avery recommended that we verify during the 9:00 conference call scheduled to discuss Midwest regression testing of Rel. 1.3. Beth to advise Larry if there is a problem.

Robin Meier stated that she has been reviewing the revised roll-out schedule with Ameritech engineers. The list is close to being blessed and she will send out the list as soon as it is available.

Denise recommended that we have a status call on Thursday, April 2, 1998 to ensure that there are no problems and that everything turned up as planned. The conference call is set for 8:00 CST, 9:00 EST. The bridge number is the same.

End of conference call.


April 2, 1998 Conference call.


Larry Vasquez AT&T

OC Jackson AT&T

Robin Meier Ameritech

Dick Dowd MCI

Bob Currier SCC

Denise Thomas WorldCom

The turn-up of the first twenty switches for the Detroit MSA happened without a problem. All SPís were able to turn up their respective codes and we are ready to port customers. Per Dick Dowd, MCIís codes were actually opened in November, 1997. WorldCom also confirmed that their codes were loaded in the LERG early.

Robin Meier stated that the switch schedule would soon be available.

The list will indicate switch turn-ups on 4/15, 4/30 and 5/15. Therefore, beyond the first 20 switches, Ameritech will turn-up their switches in three phases. Attached is the Detroit schedule that Robin sent to me and is also available in

Bob Currier asked whether/when the IVR system would be available for the Detroit MSA Law Enforcement agencies. Larry stated that the IVR system has been available since March 16, 1998 form Lockheed Martin. The IVR system is available for Law Enforcement agencies to call into the IVR, with PIN access, and determine what SP provides local service to a particular end user. The administration and assignment of PIN numbers is still being worked out. Either a law Enforcement agency or Lockheed Martin will administer. The State Commissions, the LLC, a SP or the Operations Committee is not in a position to manage this process. There is a meeting in Chicago scheduled on April, 7, 1998 to discuss this very issue. The IVR system will be available to all Ms.ís, in the Ameritech region, as they become LNP capable. Larry will advise this team as new and updated information becomes available.

Larry Vasquez and OC Jackson will work out when we begin holding Implementation meetings for Grand Rapids (3Q98) and Ann Arbor (4Q98) LNP scheduled dates.

End of Meeting