Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop

November 21, 1996 Meeting Minutes and

December 17, 1996 Agenda

I. Introduction

The sixth meeting of the Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop was held on

November 21, 1996 in Detroit. Terry Appenzeller provided the agenda and opening comments.

II. Meeting Attendees

Terry Appenzeller Ameritech Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech Pamela Criner Ameritech

Denise Hardaway Ameritech Judy Evans AT&T

Randall Herlein Brooks Fiber Comm Beth O'Donnell Comcast Mark Wyman Comcast Tim Collins Continental Telecom

John F. Shea Lockheed Martin John Kern MCTA Gregory Koprowicz Sprint PCS

III. Review of the Number Portability Workshop Process

Brad Behounek, as agreed at the October meeting, worked on the Michigan Switch Priority List to resolve outstanding issues. The completed list from Brad was distributed to the workshop participants along with the minutes from the October meeting.

The "completed" Michigan Priority List was reviewed. Questions, such as, did the list include GTEs list of offices and why did a tandem appear on the priority list were asked. Barry Bishop agreed to review and discuss the pending issues regarding the list with Brad.

The workshop's focus is to put together a schedule for LNP implementation. It will have three parts; 1) Detroit, 2) Grand Rapids, and 3) all others (by the end of 1998). The short term goal is to have a part of Detroit completed by 4th quarter.

Barry Bishop reported on the status of the Regional Operations Committee. He discussed the proposed changes to the provisioning process flow that had been made by AT&T, and agreed upon by MCI. "...these changes may cause major changes and possibly delays..." The Regional Operations Team will be discussing the proposed changes at their next meeting, which will be on December 12, 1996. Barry will provide an update on the proposed changes at the December 17,1996 Michigan LNP meeting.

The Regional Operations Team has been working with the Illinois NENA group; they will be soon be inviting other states to do so, along with 911 and national groups.

Barry created a home page on the "Web" for LNP and will be posting all LNP data (including meeting minutes) on this Web site. (Great idea Barry ! Many thanks for the tremendous amount of work that you have committed to on this project)

Terry reported on the November 18, 1996 NANC (North American Numbering Council) LNP meeting that he attended (handouts available). Six other RBOCs had used the Illinois LNP technical and operations data as a model for their LNP plans. As a result, these companies had made immense progress with their LNP plans and schedules. SouthWest was encouraged to "catch up" and establish time lines for their company.

PFR issues to be ruled on (need to be resolved) at their next meeting.

The Cost Recovery task force has the following issues to resolve by early 1997: competitively neutral, all carriers, pre-empt states or pass off to the states, should be pool - national or regional and need to resolve schedule.

The Michigan LNP workshop had previously agreed that Beth Kistner, Bob Reynolds and John Kern would "pen" the Michigan Local Number Portability Report for the Commission using the Indiana Report as a model. The Indiana Commission Report has a January 15, 1997 completion date. A "draft" is currently being written.

IV. Agenda

Meeting Information:

Date: Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Time: 9:30 a.m. coffee and rolls - - - Meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.

12:00 working lunch

Location: Huron Room (lobby area)

Ameritech-Michigan Headquarters

444 Michigan Avenue

Detroit, Michigan

Meeting Agenda for December 17, 1996

Item I.

Update on FCC and NANC LNP

Item II.

Deployment Plans

- Priority List from Consultant revisited

Item III.

Regional LLC Status

Item IV.

Operational Updates (Barry Bishop)

Item V.

Report to the Michigan Public Service Commission

Completion Date - target February, 1997

Item VI.

Next meeting Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Establish Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop meeting dates for 1997 (if necessary)

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