Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop

Case No. U-10860

October 22, 1996 Meeting Minutes and

November 21, 1996 Agenda

I. Introduction

The fifth meeting of the Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop was held on

October 22, 1996 in Detroit. Terry Appenzeller provided the agenda and opening comments.

II. Meeting Attendees

In attendance :

Terry Appenzeller Ameritech Barry Bishop Ameritech

Dee Branch Ameritech Pamela Criner Ameritech

Denise Hardaway Ameritech Bob Reynolds Ameritech

Dan Meggison AT&T Beth O'Donnell Comcast Tim Collins Continental Telecom Hal Hively GTE

John F. Shea Lockheed Martin Beth Kistner MCI Metro

John McCluskey MFS John Kern MCTA Mike Pelletier TCG Brad Behounek Consultant

III. Review of the Number Portability Workshop Process

The following items were discussed:

Brad Behounek (attending by conference call) agreed to work with the individual participating companies to resolve outstanding issues relating to the switch priority list. A finalized list to be provided to Terry or Pam by November 1, 1996 and distributed with the October 22, 1996 meeting minutes. The completed Michigan Priority List to be reviewed at the next (November 21, 1996) meeting.

Beth Kistner attended the NANC meeting on October 1, 1996 and provided details of the meeting.

The LLC was submitted in Illinois and Roger Marshall provided testimony; six companies participating soon to be eight. LLC was not opposed, HEPO endorsed it, out on acceptance by Secretary of State and needs Commission approval. A "regional" LLC meeting was requested by the participants. Roger Marshall to schedule meeting in November. (Regional LLC Meeting scheduled November 22, 1996)

Roger reported two interfaces were approved and finalized for NPAC; submitted to make them the standard and a WEB site for additional information was available on October 1, 1996 (this information was provided by Terry). The GRFS documentation is also available on the Lockheed Martin WEB site.

Barry Bishop reported on the status of the Operations Committee. The Illinois Steering Committee approved forming a regional Operations Committee. The plan is to provide the Michigan participants with up-to-date Illinois Steering Committee information and events.

The workshop agreed that Beth Kistner, Bob Reynolds and John Kern would write the Michigan Local Number Portability Report using the Indiana Report as a model. January 15, 1997 was established as the completion date for this report. This document will be presented to the Commission for a response or approval of the Michigan Local Number Portability Workshop plans and implementation dates .

IV. Agenda and Future Meetings

Meeting Information:

Date: Thursday, November 21, 1996

Time: 9:30 a.m. coffee and rolls - - - Meeting starts at 10:00 a.m.

Location: Huron Room (lobby of the Ameritech Michigan Headquarters Building)

Buffet lunch planned


Item I.

Update on FCC and NANC action

Item II.

Deployment Plans

- Priority List from Consultant (see attachment)

Item III.

Regional LLC Status

- Participants

- Lockheed-Martin Contract

Item IV.

Operational Updates (to be reported by Barry Bishop)

Item V.

Report to the Michigan Public Service Commission

Completion Date

Item VI.

Next meeting Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Establish meeting dates for 1997

Attachment - Page 1 (of 6) of the Switch Priority and Request List