Michigan Number Portability Workshop

Case No. U-10860

July 15, 1996 Meeting Minutes

I. Introduction

The second meeting of the Michigan number portability workshop was held from 10:00 am to 2:30 p.m. on July 15, 1996 in Lansing, Michigan. Terry Appenzeller from Ameritech provided the agenda and the opening statements.

II. Meeting Attendees

In attendance :

Terry Appenzeller Ameritech Woody Traylor MCIMETRO

Larry Neeper Brooks Fiber Comm. Dee Branch Ameritech

John Tate GTE Bill Riggan TCG

Tim Collins Continental Tele. Hal Hively GTE

Larry Little GTE John Mahoney Perot Systems

Denise Hardaway Ameritech Geoff Wilbur M.E.C.A

Barry Bishop Ameritech Jack Scott TCG

Scott Stevenson T.A.M. Dan Gonos Winstar

Judy Evans AT&T Bob Reynolds Ameritech

III. Review of the FCC's Number Portability Order (CC Docket 95-116) issued on July 2, 1996.

Terry Appenzeller provided an overview of the FCC's recent order on number portability. A copy of the presentation is included as Attachment A. The presentation included the following:

  1. Architecture Selection Criteria
  2. Deployment Schedule
  3. Carriers Mandated to Implement
  4. Neutral Third Party Database Administration
  5. National Field Trial
  6. Tie-In to Competitive Checklist
  7. Guidelines For Interim Number Portability Pricing
  8. Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking-Long-Term Number Portability

Mr. Appenzeller pointed out that LRN is the architecture of choice by the industry and many states. It meets the minimum performance criteria (including the efficient use of numbers, no unreasonable degradation in service, quality, or network reliability, and does not require end users to change telephone numbers). Deployment in the top 100 US MSAs will begin in 4Q97 with completion by the end of 1998. After that time each LEC must make long-term number portability available in smaller MSAs within six months after a specific request. The order requires incumbent LECs as well as new entrants to comply (rural telephone companies can apply for an exemption per SEC 251(f) of TA 96). Wireless providers must comply by June 30, 1999. A neutral third party database administrator must be selected and Illinois will conduct a field trial to conclude no later than August 31, 1997. Comments for the further notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) are due August 16, with replies due September 16, 1996.

IV. Review of the Number Portability Workshop Process

The following issues were discussed at the meeting and will be further discussed at the August 23 meeting:

A. The legal entity to utilize for Michigan LNP Workshop. Judy Evans (AT&T) provided a handout highlighting the key elements of the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) being used for the Illinois LNP.,see Attachment B. Per request, also attached is an article from the June issue of the Hemispheres magazine providing a general description of an LLC.

B. Copies of a draft Michigan Public Service Commission Joint Petition were distributed for review by the participants of the workshop; Attachment C. Modification or acceptance of draft ( which was copied from the Illinois LNP ) for the Michigan LNP to be discussed in the next meeting.

C. Reports from the Illinois LNP Workshop Subcommittees Leaders will be the main item on the agenda for the August 23 meeting. Subcommittee reports will include responsibilities, time lines, open issues, accomplishments and recommendations.

V. Michigan Decisions/Implementation Plans

A. The Implementation Plan will consist of the following:

1. The Michigan LNP Workshop members will identify which offices and the priority of the offices within the MSAs long term number portability will be scheduled. This will be done following the consolidation and distribution of the Ameritech Michigan and GTE Exchange Name and ClLLI Code list is complete and distributed. (This list will be available at the August 23 meeting.)

VI. Action Items and Upcoming Meetings

Action Item 1: All participants should review the draft joint petition. A decision should be made on the adoption of the Illinois based sample or a modified petition.

Action Item 2: Ameritech Michigan and GTE to provide Michigan office information to Pamela Criner for consolidation which will be used for prioritization of offices by the workshop members.

On Thursday August 22, 1996 starting at 12:00 Noon the Hospitality Suite at the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City, Michigan will be available for our use. The LNP Workshop meeting will start on Friday at 9:00 a.m. with a continental breakfast available at 8:30 a.m.

Meeting dates were set for the remainder of 1996.: Wednesday, September 25 in Traverse City, Tuesday, October 22 in Detroit and November 21 in Detroit.

Notes for this meeting were prepared by Pamela Criner, Ameritech, telephone number 847-248-3521.