October 13, 1997

Bill Celio

MPSC Staff

P. O. Box 30221

Michigan Public Services Commission

6545 Mercantile Way

Lansing, Michigan 48909


Re: Detroit MSA LNP General Availability


Dear Mr. Celio

The following is an update of the Local Number Portability (LNP) testing plan and general availability (GA) date for the Detroit MSA. All industry participants, Ameritech, AT&T, MCI, and TCG are making excellent progress. The original testing completion date was September 29, 1997, with a GA date of October 1, 1997. However, due to testing resources, that could not be diverted from the FCC field trial in Chicago, the new testing completion date for Detroit is now October 31, 1997. The delay in the Detroit testing schedule was a mutual industry decision due to the industry focus and critical nature of completing the FCC field trial on time.

The testing for the Chicago/FCC field trial completed on September 26, 1997. However, there have been numerous connectivity and network interface problems, between the Service Providers' Local Service Management Systems (LSMSs), and the Lockheed Martin NPAC. These connectivity issues affected the GA date of October 1, 1997, for both Chicago and Detroit. The problems will be resolved during the month of October. As a result, the new general availability date for Chicago and Detroit has been rescheduled to November 3, 1997.

Therefore, even though Detroit testing of the NPAC interfaces and process flows began with Ameritech and MCI on September 8, 1997, the testing for other service providers will not complete until October 31, 1997. However, since the general availability date for Chicago and Detroit is now November 3, 1997, it appears that the testing completion date of October 31, 1997. is of little consequence.


If there are any questions regarding this letter, I may be reached at (312) 230-6253.


Larry Vasquez

Chairman - Michigan Implementation Committee

cc: Terry Appenzeller, Ameritech

Bob Reynolds, Ameritech

Barry Bishop, Ameritech

Sam Mehta, GTE

Dick Dowd, LLC/Midwest Region

Jim Joerger, MCI

Rick Arzadon, TCG

Scot Lewis, WorldCom