October 28, 1997

Minneapolis/Milwaukee Implementation Meeting Minutes

Robin Meier Ameritech 311 W. Washington St 15NW T 312-220-2603

text only -robin.meier@ameritech.com Chicago,Il 60606 F 312-220-2603

Word or attachments robinrdm@aol.com

Tina Zammuto GTE 1312 E. Empire St. T 309-63-3646

tina.m.zammuto@gte.sprint.com F 309-663-3639

Dan Hagen PTI 120 E Milwaukee St T 608-372-8237

hagen@tomah.com Tomah WI. 54660 F 608-372-8294

Barry Gatz PTI 224 Industrial Dr. T 414-392-5240

profimages@globaldialog.com North Prairie, WI 53153 F 414-392-5254

Glen Unger PSCN 610 N. Whitney T 608-266-8006

ungerg@psc.st.wi.us Madison, WI F 608-267-3957

Andy Whitt GTE 521 4th St. T 715-847-1678

Clyde Hamby AT&T 840 Club Chase LN T 770-587-5913

cchamby2@att.com Roswell, GA 30076 F 770-643-7836

Oc Jackson AT&T 227 W. Monroe T 312-230-2567

jacksono@att.com Chicago, Il 60606 F 312-230-8305

General Discussion

Does the PSC have to coordinate this (LNP) after 1999 for new entrants?

What is the industry expectation for the commission?

The PSC would like this to be discussed in the next meeting.

A docket could be opened to track it. What is the expectation, and how is everyone going to do this?

Role of wireless - what is it?

Wireless could want every switch. Bona fide request could cover all switches.



Single Point of Contact for Test Coordination

GTE - Andy Whitt - 715-847-1678

Ameritech - Robin Meier - 312-220-2603 for Minneapolis and Wisconsin

MCI - Hamp Oberly- 703-918-0445

Minimal testing MCI and Ameritech, probably will test 911.

Testing GTE

GTE needs to determine what testing they would like to do with MCI? Possibly system testing,

Prescott office - will be the test town.

Date to start testing, Intercompany testing January 15, 1998

Live service - start date on 3-1-98

Testing Ameritech

Office - Hudson - Test town

DMS 100

Start on 1-15-98

Assume interconnection agreements are in place

Wonít test without interconnection agreements in place.

Testing MCI

Not present at meeting, needs to be addressed

911 Testing

NEED to get a 911 PSAP contact for the Minneapolis - North Wisconsin area.

Review Test calls

Nancy DeRoo needs to get the verbiage that was used for the 911 tests.

Surcharges? Tacking and policing methods.

Detroit had problems related to the physical address and human error.

No one objects to doing the relevant 911 tests in the test plan. Nancy DeRoo (or replacement) will assist in making the arrangements for Ameritech.






General Testing discussion

How may test numbers are needed?

One or two test numbers was sufficient in Detroit. In Chicago 5 to 10 test numbers were used.

Next meeting will be a conference call for SPOCís Minneapolis on November 6th 9:00am CST, call in number is CANCLED.

Note: Since this meeting, Glen Unger (WPSC) has received notification that the Minneapolis offices have been de-selected. The Wisconsin portion of the MSA, will not have LNP (at least for now). Please note that all conference calls for the Minneapolis (Wisconsin) MSA are cancelled. (BB)


Milwaukee, WI


SPOCís for Milwaukee

PTI - Dan Hagen - 608-372-8237

AT&T - Clyde Hamby - 770-587-5913

Ameritech - Robin Meier - 312-220-2603

MCI - Hamp Oberly- 703-918-0445


Time Warner-



AMERITECH ?? / / ??


PTI ?? X X ??





Time Frame = Ameritech from 4-6 to 6-29 go live dates. Look on the Website (under the Wisconsin Icon) in the next week or so for the schedule as known.



These offices are not in the MSA and will be removed from the selected list.

Racine -7th RACNWI10DS0

Caladonia -CLDNWI14RS0

Burlington - BURLWI11RS0

Racine - RACNWI11DS0

Next meeting tentatively scheduled for December 9th for Milwaukee SPOCís in Madison Wisconsin (Exact Location TBD)