Test Team Documents and Minutes

Test Team minutes 7/24/97 (HTML)

Test Team memo and SCP Error testing 7/23/97 (HTML)

Test Team minutes 7/7/97 (HTML) tt77.html

Test Team Open Action Item List 6/24/97 (act6_24.htm)

Test Team minutes 6/12/97 (tst6_12.htm)

Test Team Open Action Item List 5/15/97 (ai5_15.htm)

Test Team Action/Issue list updated 5/8/97 (HTML) action2.html

Test Team minutes 9/17/96 (Word 6.0 document) TST9_17.doc

Test Team minutes 10/18/96 (Word 6.0 document) tst10_18.doc

Test Team minutes 11/04/96 (Word 6.0 document) tst11_4.doc

Test Team minutes 11/04/96 (HTML (Text)) tst11_4.htm

Test Team minutes 11/21/96 (HTML (Text)) tst11_21.htm

Test Team Conference call minutes 12/06/96 (HTML (Text)) conf12_6.htm

SCP Team memo to Test Team 12/10/96 (HTML (Text)) SCP.htm

Test Team minutes 12/11/96 (HTML (Text)) tst1211.htm

Test Team Action/Issue list (1/3/97) (HTML (Text)) tstissue.htm

Test Team minutes 1/8/97 (HTML (Text)) 1-8min.htm

Test Team Action/Issue list (1/20/97) (HTML (Text)) action.htm

Memo to TST team/Operator Serv Matrix (1/4/97) (HTML (Text)) oprmatrx.htm

Testing Status report (1/9/97) (HTML (Text)) TstStat.htm

Test Team conference call minutes 1/28/97 (HTML (Text)) tst128.htm

Test Team minutes 2/13/97 (HTML (Text)) Feb_13.htm

Test Team minutes Conference Call 2/27/97 (HTML (Text)) 970227.htm

Test Team memo and SCP memo 3/17/97 (HTML) tst_scp.htm

Test Team Action/Issue list 3/11/97 (HTML)

Test Team meeting minutes 3/11/97 (HTML)

Test Team meeting minutes 4/9/97 (HTML)

Test Team meeting minutes 5/15/97 (HTML)

Working Test Plan Documents

Updated LNP Test Plan Document (all sections & appendix's) 8/11/97 (iss1-6.zip)

Updated LNP Test Plan Document (911 section) 5/30/97 (911tst.zip)

Pre-completion Affadavit 4/9/97 (HTML)

Updated LNP Test Plan Document 3/17/97 sectzip.zip

Updated LNP Test Plan Appendix's 3/17/97 appxzip.zip

LNP Test Plan documents (www.cameos.com)Click Here

Test Team LNP "working" doc's 11/15/96(MSword) Tstpln4b.doc

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(all(zipped)) 11/15/96 tstplan.zip

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(Draft1(zipped)) 12/10/96 Draft1.zip

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(Draft1a(zipped)) 12/10/96 Draft1a.zip

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(Testpln1(zipped)) 1/6/97 tstpln1.zip

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(Testpln1a(zipped)) 1/6/97 tstpln1a.zip

Test Team LNP "working" doc's(Testpln1b(zipped)) 1/6/97 tstpln1b.zip

Test Plan Executive Summary (DRAFT) 1/28/97 HTML and MSword