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March 26, 1998

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Charlotte Terkeurst




Number Portability Task Force Meeting



Please note below that the date and location for the Indiana Number Portability Task Force Steering Committee Meeting has changed.

As a follow up from the previous notification, the following is a preliminary list of issues for the agenda at the Steering Committee meeting:

Please provide me with any additional items that needs to be added at:

Charlotte TerKeurst

57 Meander Pike

Chattam, IL 62629

Ph. (217 483-4806

Fax (217)483-4806

E-mail cterkeurst@eosinc.com

Please note that this is a preliminary list of issues and a final agenda will be posted to the IURCís home-page under the Telecommunications ICON.

Meeting Information

The meeting has been moved to April 8, 1998 at :


240 N. Meridian

Room 1809

Indinapolis, IN 46204

10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST

Contact: Bruce Hazelett at 265-2184

There also has been a conference bridge provided:

*(800) 928-6351

* Contact Bonnie Murphy (see below), to obtain the passcode for the conference bridge.

It is important that prior to April 6, 1998, that we receive a confirmation from your organization if you will be particapanting in person or via conference bridge. This will assist us on expediting particapants to the conference room as well as ensuring that there will be ample call-in ports.

Please provide this to:

Bonnie Murphy

ph 317-232-2733

fax 317-233-1981

e-mail bmurphy@gwnet.isd.state.in.us

The meeting is an open meeting to all interested parties and not limited to the parties on the distribution list below. If you do not see someone on the distribution list that should attend this meeting, please forward a copy of this notice to them.

If you have any questions, please contact Stan Sallier at 317-233-0036 or myself.


Terry Appenzeller Ameritech 847-248-3198

Larry Vasquez AT&T 312-230-8343

Jan Trout-Avery Lockheed Martin 312-382-8092

Bob Treber GTE 219-461-3535

Bruce Hazelett Ameritech 317-265-8585

Tina Zammuto GTE 309-663-3639

OC Jackson AT&T 312-230-8305

John Grimes GTE/Mobilenet 317-264-8326

R. Marshall Ameritech 847-248-3970

Judy Jackson STC 812-876-9267

Williams Powers Attorney 317-686-3423

Mitch Proctor TDS 317-522-0244

Andy Chalk Sprint 419-526-0048

Robert Hebert Attorney-TCG 317-636-9061

Madelon Kuehera TCG 312-705-9828

Scott McMahon LCI 703-714-1161

Paula Carpenter Consolidated Communications 217-234-9934

Dennis Rica MCI 312-470-4929

Tim McCray Time Warner 317-587-1314

Robert Veneck AT&T 317-633-5972

Jack Schutz United/Sprint 317-636-4017

A.I. Matsumoto Sprint/United 419-774-9166

John Koppin ITA 317-635-0285

Alka Roy Cellular One 317-581-2775

Hal Reese OUCC 317-232-5923

Mary Slafkosky ICTA 317-237-2290

Jim Joerger MCI 972-918-1499

Michael Harspring GTE Mobile/One Call 317-639-0191

Trisha Breckenridge KMC 847-573-0033

Steve Brown Intermedia 813-829-2633

Sue Williams ICG 303-626-3024

Dick Boyer US West Enterprise 303-293-9860

David Ester US Xchange 616-459-7507

Larry Carl Sprint PCS 317-570-7119

Don Kemp ICG Telecom Group 303-572-2010

Marvin Stewart E911/IMC 317-327-3275

Lynn Piper E911 317-327-5506

Major Robert Hollond IN State Police 317-232-6862

If an accommodation is required to allow an individual with a disability to participate in this meeting, please contact the Telecommunications Division of the IURC at 317-232-2733 at least 48 hours before the meeting.