From: Barry Bishop

To: Darin Liston

Subject: Re: Number Pooling Preporting

Darin, it seems that this may be the issue of the week, but at this point I am not sure I agree with your assessment (or others) on this situation. "I think" part of the problem is terminology, and is dependant upon the action of the receiving service provider. Basically is the receiving service provider leaving the block of numbers as unallocated in their switch? If so I agree you would return a cause code 26. If the receiving service provider opens the block of numbers in their switch (allocated but unassigned), you should get normal intercept treatment and not return cause code 26. In my mind this is no different than porting 1 number who may be disconnected and have intercept provided by the receiving service provider. One or one thousand, it should be the same or in my eyes we have major problems with LNP in general.


The receiving service provider needs to allocate the numbers in their switch, providing intercept treatment to any unassigned numbers.


Maybe I don't fully understand the issue, but we do need to discuss it to make sure we are moving in the right direction. I will forward your memo to the rest of the team so we can discuss it.