1. Number Pooling is a national issue.
  2. Number Pooling is introduced after LNP implementation in an area to delay NPA exhaust.
  3. Number Pooling is Wireline based until July 1999 when Wireless LNP implementation begins.
  4. To ensure one set of requirements for NPAC development for a Release 2.1 for both vendors, Lockheed Martin IMS and Perot Systems.


January 1, 1998 through June 30, 1998 (Phase I)


  1. Pre-Port all Pooled Thousands Blocks issued during this phase.
  2. Download all Pooled numbers to the SCPs during off hours.
  3. No changes made to the NPAC.
  4. Continued Snap Back to Code Holder on Disconnects.
  5. Block Holder works with Code Holder to obtain disconnected numbers for reassignment as required (Quarterly?).



July 1, 1998 (Phase II)


  1. Porting On Demand implemented, Pre-Porting ceases.
  2. Design NPAC’s NPA NXX Service Provider Assignment table to handle NPA NXX-X.
  3. Snap Back to Block Holder designed into NPAC.
  4. Design NPAC to download NPA NXX-X to SOAs instead of NPA NXX.
  5. Only Ported Numbers downloaded to LSMSs and SCPs.
  6. Issue Disconnect orders to remove Phase I Vacant Numbers to leave only ported working numbers in all LNP system databases.