Illinois Commerce Commission

Number Portability Steering Committee

June 19, 1997



Subcommittee Reports:

1. NPAC/SMS - Navickas

- Two SPs connected to NPAC. Sprint started its association with NPAC.

- Turn up testing dates in jeopardy. "Synch Call" scheduled every Monday.

- Dick Dowd’s SPOC meeting to evaluate alternatives for FCC testing.

- "Drop dead date" to push back FCC Trial is 7/23/97.

- Some delays caused by delivery problems with Ameritech/Sprint LSMS vendor.

- Trial start date is currently 7/24/97.

- Several point releases provided by Lockheed recently. Lockheed does not anticipate any impact on functionality or schedule.

- AT&T: It is unacceptable to delay the 7/24/97 start date. At a minimum, one ILEC (Ameritech) should be ready to participate in testing on 7/24/97. Not just AT&T and MCI.

- Team actions and agreements:

- Notify FCC by 7/9/97 - responsible: Struthers

- Team to make a "judgment decision" on 7/7/97, on the 7/24/97 date.

- Navickas to check with MFS and TCG on their status.

- Brent Struthers to put together a letter to FCC. Will indicate which companies are participating in the trial.

- 6/23, 6/30 and 7/7/97 are NPAC status meetings.

2. Cost Recovery

- Nothing new to report.

- FCC may defer the issue to states. In the case of Illinois it will take at least six months to implement rule making.

- MFS and TCG are not supporting the proposed "interim cost allocation" agreement.

- Ameritech: LLC may have the necessary extra-ordinary majority vote to pass the proposed "interim cost allocation formula."

- MFS/TCG are opposed to access line based formula. If by 7/24/97 there is no agreement, then LLC will take a vote.

3. LLC-Marshall

- Next meeting on 6/20/97.

- Info. On IVR costs from Lockheed will not be available.

- New legal counsel appointed.

- Will discuss number pooling. Lockheed provided impact assessment due to number pooling.

4. Operator Services - Struthers

- Nothing to report.

5. Rating and Billing - Struthers

- Looking at CA documents to see if changes are necessary.

- May consolidate IL and CA committees.

- Had discussion on NXX-X/LRN; no rating and billing concerns identified.

6. SCP - Heinmiller

- Occasional conference calls held to clarify items.

- No feedback on number pooling.

- addressing possible increased SCP loads due to number pooling.

7. Switching - Baldwin

- Nothing to report. No meetings currently scheduled.

- MCI: Request a meeting be called to address i) switch memory impact; and ii) assess operational impact (repair, etc.) On pooled numbers.

- Baldwin to schedule the meeting.

8. Phase II - Vasquez

- Phase II requirements to be ranked high, medium, and low.

- AT&T, Ameritech, AGCS, et el submitted their requirements.

- Next meeting on 7/24/97 p.m.

9. Test Team - Subora

- Test Plan being brought to a closure.

- Two SCP tests being added.

- Next meeting on 7/10/97. SPOC meeting on 7/11/97.

- Conference call on 6/24/97.

10. Operations - Bishop

Reviewed Operations Meeting - Key Points:

- Illinois test team time lines provided.

- Intra service provider pooling discussed.

- Cause code 26 issue is still open.

- Reseller’s name will be mentioned in the "remark" section until OBF makes a decision on form.

- NIIF Issue 61: Operations Team feels there is no need to address this.

- TSC gave a presentation on how to handle Firm Order Confirmation.

11. New Entrant Process Committee - Bishop

- Held a meeting. Nothing to report.

- New LNP Primer is still being edited.

12. E911 - DeRoo

- 6/13/97 Meeting - Discussed number pooling and found no impact to 911.

- Sprint, TCG, WorldCom have not reported on UNM function codes.

- GTE is able to do UNM codes. GTE participates in the E911 meetings.

*13. Number Conservation - Baldwin

14. NANC/Number Pooling - Appenzeller

- Reviewed presentation to NANC.

- Reviewed Jo Gallagher’s presentation.

- Number pooling definition revised as on page 6 in the presentation.

- Work items identified on page 7 on the presentation.

- Working committee’s report due to NANC council on 10/1/97.

- Pennsylvania, NC, and others following IL’s number pooling plan.

15. FCC Update - Struthers

- Reviewed FCC’s letter to IL Task Force providing guidance on the trial.

16. Chicago MSA - Struthers

- 16 of the selected Ameritech Co. now being requested to be dropped and replaced with 16 different Ameritech offices.

- Two other offices have been added to initial Chicago implementation plan.



- No one selected any GTE offices.

17. St. Louis MSA - Struthers

- Discussed GTE’s template to determine validity and reasonableness of the CLEC CO selection requests.

- GTE’s template would allow ICC to evaluate the validity of a switch request.

- Accepted to use the proposed GTE template to validate St. Louis MSA selection.

18. Number Pooling

- Brent Reported that initial data looks good showing 665 free 1000s blocks in 847.

- Discussion of preporting vs porting on demand.

- Preporting requires work-arounds for snapback and SCP’s may be overloaded, but it is administratively easier and requires vacant code treatment by block holder

- Porting on Demand requires vacant code treatment by code holder and requires changes to process flows. SCPs will not initially be as burdened. Administratively difficult.

- MCI stated that snapback may not be necessary in interim.

- Brent stated that lack of snapback in interim may require monthly number give-back so numbers do not get lost.

- Lockheed is working on number pooling requirements

19. Next meetings

1. 7/24/97

2. 8/21/97