911 Minutes 5/7/97

The subject of the NENA 1 & 2 formats came up at our meeting and was 
recommended that a representative of the ITA group take this issue back to 
the ITA meeting and have them consider setting a standard format of NENA 1 & 
2 for all companies in Illinois.

The 911 ad-hoc team agreed with the service providers present to support the 
NENA recommended standards for local service provider portability.  We will 
present this to the Operations Team at the next meeting.  It is recommended 
that all companies nationwide utilize this standards format.

Sprint will not be ready to do U & M function codes by 7/24/97.  Subsequent 
to this meeting it looks like Ameritech's 911 database won't be able to 
either.  We are escalating to SCC to strive for that start date.

Sprint allowed that their records are not locked in their database so an M 
code is not necessary.  This might allow for testing the physical network, 
then a little later test the order flow process.

Each company agreed to push for the 7/24 test date.(as service providers
sending the U&M)

Here are the 3-5 digit codes I know about so far:

Action Item:
Every service provider must get back to Barry by the 21st on when they will 
be available to produce and accept U & M extracts.  Barry needs to report 
this to the Steering Committee on the 22nd.

Subsequent to this meeting Ameritech informed Barry that 9/1 was the date 
that they would be able to produce both.  This item being escalated to SCC
by Gary Ekwall and Nancy DeRoo as unacceptable.

Question arose will interim number portability go away?  Much discussion on 
this. Bottom line is no, not in the near future.  Just because we have local 
number portability available, all interims will not be converted.  This is a 
topic for discussion at the Operations Committee meetings also. 

The next meeting is June 13 at 8:30 a.m.
4th floor Rm 436
350 Orleans

Nancy DeRoo