From: "Nancy J. DeRoo " <>

Subject: 911 Ad-Hoc Meeting Minutes 4/7/97

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911 Ad-Hoc Team

Apri 7, 1997


Walter Subora

Bryan Bentilin

Nancy DeRoo

John Schoppenhorst

Suzanne Brooks

Pam Carroll

Rick Jones

Mark Lancaster

Larry Vasquez

Barry Bishop

Richard Maher

Brent Struthers

Carolyn Maddox

Deb Prather

Conference Bridge:

Mary Sharp

Anna Hastings

Jim Joeger

Barb Thornburg

Gary Ekwall

Concern was raised by Barb about notification to new or small TCs with

regards to number portability. There was discussion that when a TC files

their application for being a local service provider, that they should be

aware of industry standards and happenings.

We also stated that the chairs of all the committees for number portability

are meeting at the end of the month to put together a book of "how to" for

number portability. This will then be available to new providers as they

come on line.

Long discussion regarding who should get notified of no "U" (unlock) getting

to the 911 database. At least for the first quarter of number portability

it was asked that both the donor company and the new service provider be

notified of those type scenarios. We have asked all 911 database providers

to take it back to their departments and see if they can do this on a short

term basis. This is outside of the normal procedures for notification of an

error today.

It was also agreed upon, that the 911 database provider will not be the

negotiator between the two companies in the case of the record not getting

unlocked and being able to be updated by the new provider. Negotiations

once they have been notified, MUST BE between the donor and new provider.

There was a discussion on a number being ported as well as moved. The

consensus came out that moving and porting will be treated just as a ported

numbeer and not deleted from the database. The record will be unlocked.

If anyone not attending the meeting has a particular problem with this

procedure please come or call in to the next meeting.

Jim Joeger had four issues he wanted in the minutes and he said he would

bring these up at the operations meetings this week also.

-There will be a dual responsibility for coordinating all 911 test calls

-Call 911 when the number has actually been ported, then again 24 hours

later, when the 911 database has been updated with the new company ID.

-If a PSAP needs to find out who the local service provider is during the

initial phases of portability, they should call the main service provider

for that NPA/NXX. This will be during the phase that no display is

available on PSAP screens.

-Initiate a call to the Local Service Provider's center (after 911 test

call)once you know who they are and verify that it is the correct location

to trouble report on an ANI failure for that provider.

A list from NENA should be obtained by all PSAPs of all the company IDs and

their contact numbers.

AT&T, MCI, GTE, CENTEL and Ameritech agree conceptually about the "U" & "M"

transactions. We need consensus from Sprint,TCG and WorldCom on this


Subsequent to this meeting, the Ameritech 911 database will not accept

extracts from any companies without their IDS once we have started populating our database

with the company IDs. We will notify all prior to us starting this


There was a discussion regarding the default PSAP situation for all service

providers in Illinois. There is a difference on where a call defaults

between the Ameritech switches and the other providers. We need to seek a

good resolution to this. We have asked Rick Jones to get PSAPs to

participate in a meeting on May 7th. Location to be determined yet.

Our next meeting in May 16th at 8:30 at 350 Orleans, room number to be sent

a little later.

Please send a representative from each of your companies. Our time is

getting short to finalize these issues.