On Thursday October 23, 1997 a Steering Committee meeting was held at the Illinois Commerce Commission on the 8th floor. What follows are the brief minutes of that meeting.

The meeting was started at 9:30 AM CDT by way of a roll call.

Subcommittee Reports:

Test Team & SPOCs (Dick Dowd)

"In summary, the Single Point of Contact Team concludes that the Field Test adequately tested the long term database LNP, (LRN)solution. Though several procedural issues were encountered, the SPOC team feels that these will be corrected with experience. No technical issues were identified by the team that would prevent the deployment of LRN. Though a vendor fix has not been received for the technical issue identified above, this problem can be corrected through switch translations."

Cost Recovery (Brent Struthers)

The ICC is checking with their attorneys to determine if the ICC has jurisdiction in this area.

NPAC/SMS (Donna Navickas)

The NPAC/SMS Committee is fine tuning the performance of NPAC and has developed a performance improvement plan. The plan defines actions to be taken between now and December 31.

LLC/Contract Team (Roger Marshall)

The LLC is meeting at 1:00 PM CDT October 23 to discuss this issue.

Operator Services (Chris Tappenden)

The LIDB Routing issue identified during the Illinois FCC Field Test has been referred to national forums that deal with these issues. The outcome at this time is that the forum intends to refer this to the LIDB providers and Hub providers, they need to ensure that all gateway screening is opened to allow these queries to pass.

Rating & Billing (Arnette Schultz)

A great deal of discussion was entered into on this subject the result of which is still not determined.

LNP/SCP (Wayne Heinmiller)

Switching (Brian Baldwin)


Venders need to answer the following questions:

Does your switch design require or provide for separate LRNs for any reason?

Does your switch design require or provide for separate LRNs for rate centers?

Switch Venders are to have responses to Brian Baldwin at Ameritech, 2000 W Ameritech Center Drive, Room 4C75E, Hoffman Estates, IL 60196, or fax at 847-248-3977, or email at brian.baldwin@ameritech.com no later than October 30, 1997.

Phase II (Larry Vasquez)

Operations (Barry Bishop)

Winstar has indicated that they will enter the LNP business in the Chicago area probably in December.

There is a demonstration scheduled to be provided to Law Enforcement on November 17.

At the Operations meeting yesterday Ameritech introduced a new roll out schedule relating to when switches will be LNP capable. MCI requested that the schedule for the tandem switches be moved up. Ameritech indicated that this would not be possible.

911 Subcommittee (Nancy DeRoo)

Number Pooling Subcommittee (Brian Baldwin/Seamus Glynn)

A letter was reviewed and distributed during the meeting.


This is still under discussion

Next steps were layed out: 1) NPAC Subcommittee will finish requirements for preport and snapback to the block holder on 10/27 conference call and send them to Lockheed; 2) Lockheed Martin to provide their best date on availability of NPAC changes per requirements as soon as possible after receiving the requirements; 3) Local Service Providers are to determine what work arounds are needed to fill in the gap between now and the date that Lockheed Martin can make NPAC changes available; and 4) LSPs will determine for how long they could operate using these manual "work arounds" and work backwards from the Lockheed date to provide a start date for the number pooling test in the 847 area code.

An RFP for an interim number pooling administrator also must be sent.

A draft RFP is ready today for review by the LLC and Legal. Who will be the contact person for RFP responses is still to be determined and will be discussed at today’s LLC meeting.

St Louis MSA (Brent Struthers)


Meeting scheduled for November 12

Chicago MSA (Brent Struthers)

Regulatory Update (Terry Appenzeller/Brent Struthers)


ICC proceedings

Code conservation jeopardy has been declared for 847


Future Scheduling