A meeting was held on May 7th to discuss the Number Pooling Test Plan and related issues.



Amador Lucero US West

Vicki Petersen US West

Brent Struthers ICC

Robin Meier Ameritech

OC Jackson AT&T

Barry Bishop Lockheed Martin

On Phone:

Darin Liston Sprint Local

Dick Dowd MCI

Jim Joerger MCI


The Number Pooling "paper process" test plan is scheduled to start on May 18th. The start date is contingent on a signed stipulation with Lockheed Martin.


Three primary issues were discussed at this meeting.

  1. A request to change the pooling process flow which would stipulate that the service provider would notify the NPAC of the block allocation, rather than the Pooling Administrator.

Group discussion: The NANC T&O was meeting concurrent to the operations meeting. It was identified that the NANC T&O would be discussing this issue and potential changes. It was agreed to postpone discussion on the issue until the NANC T&O had completed their work. The decision was based to avoid duplicative or contradictory work.




  1. Determine time frames and details for requesting blocks from each of the temporary NXX assignments for the "paper process test".

Recap temporary NXX assignments, which are assigned to the Elk Grove rate center.

Ameritech code holder for 847/414 and allocated 1000-1999

AT&T code holder for 847/815 and allocated 2000-2999

MCI code holder for 847/630 and allocated 3000-3999

Worldcom code holder for 847/708 and allocated 4000-4999



Trial time frame agree to for purposes of the "process test":

Day 1. Submit form to Pool Administrator via the internet or FAX. Forms are available at website address At a future date the website address will be numberpool.com

These forms can be used for the Number Pooling Test plan. When filling out the forms, everyone should be following the Number pooling Guidelines and forms available on the website. If submitting the forms via internet, that can be submitted online. The FAX number is 312-382-8080.

Day 2-3 The Pooling Administrator has one or two days to process the request for purposes of our process test. The Pooling Administrator will FAX or E-mail the block assignments to the requester and/or donor.

Day 3-4 A report update will be on the Website.


The entire test process should not take longer than 4 or 5 days.


  1. Develop a manual process for allocating contaminated blocks.

Group discussion:

There was discussion that contaminated blocks would not be used prior to July 1, 1998. Currently a request for assessment has gone out from Lockheed Martin to identify when companies would have to use contaminated blocks. After much discussion it was determined it would be more productive to wait for the assessment data (which should be available soon) to determine when we would have to start using contaminated blocks. (First start date). Lockheed Martin will provide this data as soon as possible, in order to determine if a manual flow is really required for contaminated blocks.

Each Service Provider, in the interim, has an action item to research their internal methods and processes needed to process contaminated blocks via a manual method.


The next Midwest Region Operations meeting is scheduled for May 20th in Chicago at 9:30 am. Location and agenda to be announced by Friday May 15th. At this meeting updates and status will be discussed for the Number Pooling Test Plan.


Robin Meier

Co-chair Midwest Region Operations Team