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North Region

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Suite 515

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Telephone 317-634-8576

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February 27, 1998


Mr. Brian J. Cohee

Executive Director and

Administrative Secretary

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Indiana Government Center South

302 West Washington Street, Suite E306

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Secretary Cohee:

Enclosed are thirteen (13) copies of the "Response to Docket Entry of February 17, 1998" on behalf of the Number Portability Task Force. Copies are being provided to all parties of record at the hearing on February 10, 1998, and all Indiana Local Exchange Carriers.

If there is any additional explanation needed regarding these responses or if any further information is required, please contact either Ralph McCray (Time Warner) at 303-754-6128 or Tina Zammuto (GTE) at 309-663-3646.

In addition to filing this report, the Indiana Number Portability Task Force recommends that the Indiana Number Portability Steering Committee, formed in Cause No. 39983, be reinstated to ensure issues (such as billing, rating, and cost recovery) be addressed to allow for successful deployment of number portability in Indiana. The Co-chairs for the Steering Committee will be contacted to determine the earliest possible date to reconvene this Committee.

Very truly yours,


Dale E. Sporleder

c: Michael J. Huston, counsel for AT&T w/ enclosure

Robert K. Johnson, counsel for MCI w/ enclosure

Sue E. Stemen, counsel for Ameritech w/ enclosure

Pamela H. Sherwood, counsel for Time Warner w/ enclosure

Timothy M. Seat, counsel with the OUCC w/ enclosure

Indiana Local Exchange Companies w/ enclosure