Press Release 12/22/98

Who won this prestigous Super Quest award in the Operations System Support category?

How many numbers are ported in North America???? Find out here (by region)


Final Illinois Pooling Order can be found Here 12/19/98

New York Issues Interim Pooling Administrator RFP And Response to Q&A 4/3/98

Illinois Picks Trial Pooling Administrator

Press Release 1/28/98 (HTML) (MSword)

Trial Expectations (HTML) (MSword)


ICC Number Pooling Administrator RFP 11/19/97

RFP Q&A Updates 12/11/97


Get plugged in to the FCC LNP Trial preparations and results (includes FINAL Test Plan changes). Weekly and Final trial reports are here!

STOP The Presses. Final FCC Trial Report is here10/17/97


Are Sales Slow?

Are you Trying to cook up an LNP promotion???

Let bring the market to your door!

FCC 2nd Report and Order (97-289) issued 8/14/97

SMS RFP can be found here!

Download SCP Requirements Document here Updated 1/6/97 (MS Word (provided courtesy of Ameritech)).

Switch Requirements can be found here (updated Version 1.05 8/1/97)! (T1S1.6) is addressing National LNP (Mission, Scope, Meeting Schedule, Links)

LNP Test Plan can be found here!

Operator Services Requirements can be found here!

NPAC Page (All NPAC/SMS related material, IIS, NANC FRS, etc documents can be found here, as well as Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, North-East, South-East, South-West, West Coast, and Western documents.)

Need to learn about LNP? --Try the Midwest Region Primer.

911, Law enforcement, NENA Standards for LNP Updated 12/23/98

Follow me for a day at the pool (# pool) Updated 12/19/98

500/900 Portability Workshop (courtesy of

N.R.O. Documents ( Number Resource Optimization (courtesy of

Updated 12/19/98


Here for LNP Vendors and consultants (updated 9/1/98)

ICC Workshop Items (Steering Committee minutes, LLC info, MidWest Operations/Test/911/SCP team minutes, etc)

Indiana Portability Task Force minutes (Updated 12/23/98)

Michigan Steering Committee minutes.

Ohio Steering Committee minutes (courtesy of PUCO)

Wisconsin Local Number Portability

Number Portability at NANC (North American Numbering Council).

NANC Chairman's (Mr.Allen Hasselwander) Web site 10/22

NRO (Number Resource Optimization Task force)

National Billing Forum Documents __________________________(Note: Ongoing this has been incorporated into the T1S1.6 forum)

West Coast site (California, Nevada, Hawaii)

_____________________**** Previous Task Force documents are still HERE ****

Western Region Web Site and Documents

Check out the Wireless LNP "CTIA Standards Requirement Document" at (note: requires free registration)

Number Portability around the world. Australian Portability Mandated United Kingdom Links added (mobile & wirline (fixed)) LNP Policy Issues in a paper from our friends down underAustralian Mobile PortabilityUpdated 12/20/98


SuperComm 98 LNP Presentations (This is a lengthy power point presentation)

Special LNP Articles from America's Network

Special LNP Articles from Inter@active Week (LNP Party) (Area Code Exhaust) (Cellular article)

Special LNP Update from NARTE News

Special LNP Article from NARTE News Vol 15, No 2

ALOHA Hawaii LNP Presentation (Sept AIN Conference)

Can't find what you need? Try the Search Page


Other LNP (and related) sites and Items of interest !

Traveling South??? Check it out!

Tired of LNP? Take the "Morgan Mill" Cyber tour. (They don't speak LNP here)

Reaction to Number Portability????

Who visits Updated 12/20/98

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