Subject: Wisconsin LNP Implementation conference call minutes from 2-25-98


Phylis Dube AT&T Scott Girard WSTA

Tina Zammuto GTE Oc Jackson AT&T

Glen Unger Wisconsin PUC Duke Ellingson NENA

Dan Hagen PTI Gene Kempf CelluLink

Larry Vasquez AT&T Dick Dowd MCI

Ralph McCray Time Warner Robin Meier Ameritech

A conference call was held today (2-25) to determine who is interested in participating in LNP industry testing for the Milwaukee MSA. The Minneapolis MSA has already been deselected and no industry testing has been planned in the Minneapolis MSA.

Introductions were made and OC Jackson led off with the purpose of the call and a brief overview of the Wisconsin activities to date.

Companies were asked to identify if they would be participating in an LNP industry test trial for the Milwaukee MSA. The following responses were recorded:


GTE Will not be involved in testing in the Milwaukee MSA.

AT&T Will be entering as a new entrant around Oct. 1st.

PTI Has asked for a six months extension with AT&T, MCI, and Time

Warner. AT&T and MCI have agreed- waiting for an answer from

Time Warner. (After the conference call, Ralph McCray - Time Warner contacted Robin Meier and stated that he had discussed the issue with his Milwaukee people and it is okay to delete the three from PTI off the list)

MCI Stated they have already tested with Ameritech, so they won't be testing in Wisconsin. MCI further stated once they test in an NPAC region (and they'd tested in both CHGO and Detroit) from that point on they would only be testing with new participants who enter the market.

Time Warner Is the only company who identified they would like to participate in an industry test. Later in the meeting, as it became evident no other CLEC’s were planning to participate in an industry test, Time Warner stated that they might decide to test independently with Ameritech in both Indianapolis and Milwaukee MSA’s instead of an industry test. Time Warner will review the situation and declare their intent by March 30th.

Glen Unger, of the Wisconsin PUC, stated that an industry test is not a requirement in Wisconsin. If the ILEC's were "up and running" by the 6-30-98 date and a CLEC wanted to slip testing beyond that date the Wisconsin. PUC did not have a problem with that.

Glen Unger is looking for companies to identify when LNP will be ready for

general availability. He wants to know when a customer would be able to select service?

It was decided that a conference call would be held on April 2, 1998 at 10:00am CST, meet-me-bridge of 312-814-8097. Items for discussion at that meeting would include performing an industry test or individual company testing. Implementation and NRD (Network Ready Dates) schedules or date that schedules will be available. Any other new issue.

Robin Meier


Wisconsin Implementation Co-Chair

Oc Jackson


Wisconsin Implementation Co-Chair