A conference call was held on April 2, 1998 to discuss Wisconsin implementation for LNP.

Next conference call will be on May 5, 1998 at 10:00 AM CDT.

Call-in number is 312-814-8097

This is a meet me bridge and the phone will ring until the second person dials in.


Robin Meier Ameritech

Oc Jackson AT&T

Glen Unger Wisconsin PUC

Dick Dowd MCI

Dennis Acker SE Telephone

At this time no one has requested to test in the Milwaukee MSA area. Time Warner was unavailable for the call, and Robin Meier will contact for status.

The Wisconsin PUC would like to see a written notification from Time Warner that the request for a PTI extension is acceptable. Time Warner previously indicated an extension was acceptable.

Discussions on Law Enforcement and 911 took place. The Midwest Region Operations team is working these issues and when all of the decisions are reached Robin Meier and OC Jackson will report the status and process for ‘rollout’ of law enforcement information.

April 16th Status

As of this week Time Warner indicated that they want to participate in a

filed trial with Ameritech in the Milwaukee MSA area. Time Warner is the

only service provider who has requested to test.

The following dates have been set up for testing. These dates will be

finalized on a May 5 conference call for the Milwaukee MSA.

May 18, 1998 issue LSR's

May 22, 1998 FOC's complete

May 25, 1998 SP Inter-Company Testing Begins

June 12, 1998 SP Inter-Company Testing Completed

June 15, 1998 Issue Orders to Disconnect Ported Numbers to Original SP

June 18, 1998 Disconnect to Original SP orders Due

June 19, 1998 Testing Ends

May 15, 1998 Deadline to Submit Selected Switches NPA/NXX's for LERG

(-45 days to Implementation)

June 30, 1998 FCC Mandate for Commercial Availability in MSA



Ameritech Test numbers

414-241-3977 assigned to Time Warner

414-241-4310 unassigned

Ameritech Control Number


Ameritech SPID = 9300

Ameritech Test office is MILWWI23DS0 Goodhope EWSD

Ameritech LRN is 414-241-0000

We do not need a topology for this test.

LSR Trial Contact for Ameritech is Sue Seitz

Method of sending test LSR for Ameritech is via FAX at 414-227-6917

Ameritech is not porting a number in from Time Warner.


Details will be finalized on the May 5 conference call. Additional contact names and telephone numbers need to be provided at that time.

Robin Meier


Wisconsin Implementation Team Co-Chair