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Ed Gould

Vice President

Network Architecture & Technology


Teleport Communications Group

Two Teleport Drive

Station Island, NY 10311-1004

Tel: 718.355.2424

FAX: 718.355.4596



August 8th,1997


Brent Struthers

Illinois Commerce Commission –Staff

l60 N. LaSalle

Suite C-8OO

Chicago, I1 60601-3104


Brian Baldwin

Co-Chair-lCC Number Pooling Subcommittee

2000 W. Ameritech Dr.

Room 4C7:E

Hoffman Estates, Il, 60196



TCG wishes to state their position on two issues regarding the 847 NPA number pooling trial.



In support of the trial effort to provide number pooling using LNP methodologies, TCG wishes to provide a possible alternative to the current approaches being investigated. The TCG alternative combines the benefits of both the pre-port and on-demand approaches. It allows the service provider who only needs one number in a rate center to have only one number downloaded, without having all thousand number reside in all SCPs. It also allows the service provider who needs all thousand numbers to have all thousand numbers downloaded. This procedure will work if the number pooling is based upon 1, 100, 1000, or 10,000 numbers. The TCG alternative is as follows:


Any question relating to this letter may be directed to either Phil Presworsky or me on 718-355-2789 or 718 355-2424. respectively.


cc Dermis McClure