Executive Status Report Summary FCC Field Test Week 1 8/11/97 - 8/15/97

Week 1 tests the Operations Processes of moving a telephone number from one Local Service Providerís switch to another Local Service Providerís switch. Thus allowing a customer to change Local Phone Companyís and still keeping their same phone number.

At the end of Week 1 the FCC Field Test is on schedule. All that was planned to be accomplished was accomplished.

These are the request forms that a new service provider sends to the current local service provider and notifies the current local service provider that the customer wishes to move their phone number and local service to the new service provider.

FCC Field Test Week 1 Summary:


Week 1 of the FCC Field Test is centered upon testing all Operations Processes and newly developed applications involved in the process of moving a telephone number from Local Service Provider "A" to Local Service Provider "B" without changing the telephone number. This was the first time for many of these new applications, processes and the personnel that initiated them. With this in mind there were numerous human errors noted. This was to be expected in a totally new environment. This was a great learning experience for all involved. No major problems were revealed during Week 1 of the testing. This doesnít mean that some of the participantís didnít experience problems with some of their new applications, connections, or other minor problems. The FCC Field Test remains on schedule at the end of Week 1.




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