July Teleconference Attendees

Tom Santos Pacific Bell/California LNP Workshop &
National Billing Committee Chair
Ray Nelson Sprint
Raj Udeshi Siemens Stromberg-Carlsson
Mary Riley Ameritech
Armen Basmajian AT&T
Chris Tappenden Nortel
Thevi Nortel
Steve Lohr Sprint
Kathy Passler Sprint
Arnette Schultz Lucent Technologies
Damon Eldson Ericsson
Jill Warner Time Warner
Judy Evans AT&T/ICC LNP Workshop R&B Chair

Attachment B - Preliminary Analysis Number Pooling Assumptions

Per Brian Baldwin’s 7/1/97 memo to chairs of all Illinois sub-committees:

  1. What particular issues were discussed?
    Potential impact of NXX-X pooling proposal on rating and billing of ported calls.
  2. What assumptions were made?
    1. Sharing will be implemented at the thousands-block level, among carriers serving the same rate center or rate district as assigned the particular NXX.
    2. Shared NXXs will still be assigned to a "home" switch and rate center/district.
    3. Thousands blocks within those NXXs that are shared with other carriers will be "ported" from the donor switch, using the long-term LNP architecture.
    1. Geographic boundaries of rate center/rate district are iron-clad, no exceptions.
    2. Generation of the AMA (LRN) by the switch does not deviate from the long-term LNP architecture.
    3. All NXXs used for number pooling must be LNP-capable.
  1. What concerns were identified?
    Concerns were the same as those of implementing LRN in general—carriers performing third-party recording/billing services for other carriers may still, in certain call scenarios, require modifications to their back-office systems and/or new/modified interconnection agreements to support the appropriate passing of billing messages. The NXX-X pooling solution may exacerbate this problem.
  2. What alternatives were looked at?
    No alternative solutions were discussed. The R&B sub-committee performed analysis only of the solution requested based on the limited information presented in the Baldwin June 3rd memo.
  3. What were the advantages/disadvantages (e.g., costs, timing, etc.) of those alternatives?
    Not applicable (see response to #5 above).
  4. What conclusions/recommendations were made?
    As reported after the June R&B teleconference, the sub-committee members have determined that the NXX-X number pooling proposal should have no new technical impact on deploying the LRN solution in Illinois based oon the above assumptions. However, the sub-committee has asked (Brent Struthers) to see the current documentation on this proposal to make a more definitive analysis of this solution.