Folks the following was scanned from a fax and may contain errors. If you need an accurate copy, please contact the PUCO.

August 27,1997

Re: Number Portability Workshop 8/27 Meeting Minutes

Dear Ohio Workshop Participants:

The workshop met yesterday in Columbus. Several important items were discussed arid agreed upon. Following is a brief summary of the meeting and the agreements reached. Should you have any questions, please contact me on 614-752-9072.

1. Staff announced that the workshop process from this point forward would be lead by co-chairs Steve Brown of Nextlink and Andy Chalk of Sprint. Staff would like to thank Andy and Steve and their companies for taking on this important task. Staff would also like to thank Ameritech for its willingness to lead the workshop to this point.


2. Staff passed out the supplemental switch pick list resulting frown the changes in the Ohio MSAs list of counties. Staff informed the workshop of its discussions with the FCC and the U.S. Census Bureau. The submission of the supplemental switch picks will obviously occur beyond the FCC' mandated nine months advance notice requirement. There was significant discussion about how to reconcile the advance notice requirement. The ILEC s implementations deadlines, the interest in having LNP implemented on schedule, and the inclusion of switches and ILECs that were thought previously to have been excluded from the list. There was agreement to the following:


3. Staff agreed to send each of the affected ILECs a list of their selected switches which were selected by multiple NEC's, such that the ILEC' call generate a list of test switches which cover all requesting NEC's. Staff will fax this list to the ILEC's no later than September 3, 1997.

4. There was some discussion of testing requirements arid schedules. It was agreed that testing must begin very soon. To that end all carriers should get their proposed testing schedule to Andy Chalk no later than September 15, 1997. Andy and Steve will then try to put together a draft Ohio test schedule matrix to be discussed at the next meeting.

5. There was brief discussion on the progress of the regional LLC. The next LLC meeting is scheduled for September 26 in Chicago.

6. There was brief discussion on LNP cost recovery issues. Staff noted that the Ameritech

Regional Regulatory Committee has added regional LNP cost recovery to the agenda for the next meeting (October 16 & 17, 1997 in Traverse City, Michigan. Staff encourages everyone to attend and did send out registrations to all those in attendance at yesterdays meeting.

7. The next Ohio Workshop meeting is scheduled for September 22, 1997 at the offices of the PUCO. We will begin promptly at 9:30 AM, and we expect to go all day. Most of the meeting will be spent on discussions of testing and testing scheduling.