Ohio LNP Workshop Conference Calls

Meeting Minutes 3/19/98

Following are the meeting minutes of the Ohio LNP Workshop conference calls for the Cincinnati and Cleveland MSA field trials. Attending the 10:00 AM CNCN call was Ron Whitson and Andy Chalk of Sprint, Bentley Jackson and Roger Werth of CBT, Hamp Oberle and Judy Early of MCI, Elsa Morris of the PUCO staff, John Pope of Lockheed Martin NPAC and Ralph McCray from Time Warner who dialed in at 11:00 and provided an update. The Cleveland MSA conference call was attended by Kent Roberts of Ameritech, Susan Smith of ICG, Steve Brown of Nextlink, Kay Fallon of Alltel, Elsa Morris, John Pope and Andy Chalk.

1. Andy introduced John Morris of Lockheed Martin NPAC. His telephone

number is 703-435-0447. Pager is 1-800-PageMCI pass code 1724811. His

e-mail address is johnp@i95.com. John reported that he is the NPAC test

contact for the midwest region pertaining to field trials. There is a test NPAC and a Production NPAC and it appears that all service providers are on the production box (ICG was checking). John believes that our test activities are in line with the plans in other regions and does not foresee any problems. If there are any questions for John, please contact him. He will be attending our next conference calls on Thursday March 26.

2. CNCN MSA Field Trial: CBT and MCI reported that LSRs were issued on

Monday March 16. There were a couple of minor issues on process flows but these were resolved between the two companies. Each will report to Andy when the orders are officially worked and he will notify all test and implementation SPOCs on the distribution list. Orders are due on March 20 or 23. Call through testing is on schedule for next week to these ported numbers. Time Warner, Sprint and CBT are ready to issue LSRs on March 23 for ported numbers. Time Warner will port from CBT and Sprint. Sprint will port from Time Warner. CBT will also port a number from Time Warner. These numbers have been published in previous meeting minutes and handouts and is posted on the Website. The due date for these orders will be March 30.

3. CLEV MSA Field Trial: ICG and Nextlink reported that they are ready to issue LSRs for ported numbers from Ameritech in Cleveland. Ameritech's test numbers of 216-274-0207 and 0208 will be ported to Nextlink. ICG will port 216-274-0212 from Ameritech. These LSRs will be sent from these two service providers to Ameritech on March 23 with a March 27 due date per the test schedule. ICG requested a second test number for porting from Ameritech and Kent Roberts will provide this.

4. The next conference call will be at 10:00 AM Eastern time for CNCN and 11:00 AM Eastern time for Cleveland on THURSDAY March 26. The conference bridge is 419-755-7600.