Ohio LNP Workshop Conference Call

Meeting Minutes 4/16/98



Following are the meeting minutes of the Thursday April 16, 1998 Ohio LNP Workshop conference call. The call began at 10:00 AM eastern daylight time and covered the CNCN, CLEV and CLMB MSA field trials. Those in attendance were Scott Potter for the PUCO staff, Hamp Oberle for MCI, Bentley Jackson Roger Werth and Larry McClanahan for CBT, Robin Meier for Ameritech, OC Jackson for AT&T, Steve Brown for Nextlink, Kay Fallon for Alltel and Andy Chalk for Sprint.


1. CNCN MSA: All six of the ported test numbers are available for testing in this MSA. Testing continues by all service providers in the area with most service providers 90% completed. Test calls were made by CBT from wireless telephones through the CBT tandem and the calls are data base queried by the tandem and routed appropriately. CBT is pursuing a minor problem of having their ported (in) number loaded in the LIDB for collect and bill to third number validation. They are also working with MCI on 911 test calls. MCI has completed testing except for 911 which is being coordinated with CBT. Test calls to the numbers ported to Time Warner are reported to not return answer supervision. It is desired that these lines return answer supervision in order to check AMA record generation. No one from Time Warner was present on the call to report on this. These six test numbers are scheduled to be disconnected and returned to the original service providers on May 1, however all participants agreed to extend this period for two more weeks to provide ample opportunity for testing. The ported numbers are: 513-989-2000 to Time Warner, 513-989-2004 to MCI, 513-719-1808 and 1809 to CBT, 513-398-7246 to Time Warner, and 513-701-0001 to Sprint. All service providers are encouraged to place test calls to these ported numbers.


2. CLEV MSA: As reported last week, both of the test numbers have been ported by Nextlink from Ameritech and are available for testing. Nextlink is approximately 75% completed with call testing. Alltel reported that they will be making some call through tests to these ported numbers. Nextlink would like to leave the numbers ported until May 1 or a couple of weeks later. Ameritech will check to see if these test numbers are available for that length of time. The ported numbers to Nextlink are 216-274-0207 and 0208. All service providers are encouraged to place test calls to these ported numbers.


3. CLMB MSA: Nextlink and Time Warner has provided Ameritech with the exchanges they wish to port from and the quantity of test numbers desired. Ameritech will provide the test numbers at the next meeting to these service providers. The trial start date is still scheduled for April 27, 1998.


4. PUCO STAFF: Scott Potter reported that a news release was issued earlier in the day reporting on the commercial availability of LNP in the State of Ohio.


5. NXX CODE OPENING PROCESS: There once again was much discussion by the participants as to the NXX code opening process for the selected LNP end offices. This issue was first raised by Ameritech at the April 2 meeting. At that time, Ameritech had not received any requests (from CLECs) for NXX codes to be opened in the selected exchanges. All service providers were reminded at that time about the 45 day process to have NXX codes opened in the LERG although this item has been in the timelines for each of the Ohio MSAs for months. One of the service providers reported that they sent a request to Ameritech to open all NXX codes in the selected exchanges in the Cleveland and Columbus MSAs but since the notice did not get to Ameritech until the first week in April, the earliest that porting could take place in Cleveland is May 29. Ameritech also reported that the Midwest Region process also stipulates that as new NXX codes are opened for service, they are not automatically opened in the LERG for portability until a service provider specifically requests it. CBT reported that they already have all NXX codes opened in the LERG for the selected offices and that no notification by the new service providers was necessary. Sprint reported that they also had all NXX codes opened in the LERG for their selected end offices but was not certain whether a notification was needed from the service providers (Sprint later confirmed that the service providers did not need to notify them to open Sprint NXX codes in the LERG). Alltel reported that they did not have any of their NXX codes opened in the LERG and that they were following the same Midwest Region process as Ameritech (service providers will need to specifically request NXX codes to be opened). GTE was not present on the call to respond as to their company's requirement on this issue.


6. INTERIM NUMBER PORTABILITY SUPPORT: CBT asked how long an ILEC would be required to support INP service in an office that can now offer LNP. There was some discussion on this but there does not appear to be any precedent. It was suggested that each ILEC would need to negotiate this issue with each service provider to phase out existing INP service.


7. NEXT CONFERENCE CALL: The next conference call will be Thursday April 23 at 2:00 pm eastern daylight time. All three MSA field trials will be discussed on this one conference call. The bridge number is 419-755-7600.