Number Pooling Test Plan Implementation Meeting


In Attendance:

Ken Drennen Ameritech

Larry Vasquez AT&T

Liz Coakley Ameritech

Robin Meier Ameritech

Darin Liston Sprint

Dick Dowd MCI

Dan Gonos Winstar

Oc Jackson AT&T

Donna Navickas Ameritech

The next Number Pooling Subcommittee Meeting will be held on 3/6. Larry Vasquez graciously agreed to present our plan at this meeting.

Portability and the Pooling Trial are tentatively set to begin the first week of April. Dates will be determined following the FCC order.

For the first two weeks the exercise will be "passing paper", to test the process flows for Number Pooling. Numbers will not actually be ported. The group determined that our intent was not to retest Number Portability, and to keep the process simple.

The group determined that the Number Pooling Test Plan process would occur the first two weeks after number portability cuts-live. Live pooling would occur after that two week period.

Testing tentatively begins 4/1.

Six month trial begins 4/15 or when full Portability is available.

CLEC Presence in 847 NPA:

There were discussions to identify where CLECs had a presence. It was determined it would be next to impossible to identify a central local where all CLECs could test in the same office. Further discussion determined that it would be more productive to identify dummy NPA-NXXs for Number Pooling testing purposes. We would need at least 2 code holders.

ACTION ITEM: Contact Pat Fleck for dummy NPA-NXX - 2 code holders - to use for testing.

The Process flow which we will be testing for Number Pooling is the "Number Pooling - Pre NPAC flow, plus the Number Guidelines.

Barry Bishop has the forms. Barry will be the INPA -SPOC

INPA indicates form needed 1-2-3.,

Code holders Block holders

The group determined we are going to do the testing on the test NPAC.

Action Item: Assigned to Barry Bishop

    1. What is the FAX # for forms?
    2. Provide a copy of the form.

Questions and information for Barry Bishop:

    1. For testing purposes when Barry Bishop receives the forms, how long will it take for him to process?




  1. Request "X" blocks from Interim Pooling Administrator.
  2. Pooling Administrator assigns blocks from available code.
  3. Fax / E-mail of block assignment to Requester and Donor.
  4. Requester and Donor perform Inter-SP Port.
  5. Requester sends "Activate On-Off" date.
  6. Can / does everyone see download?
  7. Undo Steps 1 through 6

Code Holder:

At least 2 separate (different SPs) NXXs must be available.

Codes must be new, unused, and non-contaminated.

Keep "X" blocks. Donate remaining to Pooling Administrator.

Send Data to test NPAC showing Code Holder Status.

Do an Inter Service Provider Port Message. (5 days before porting)

Pooling Administrator (INPA):

Accept Donated Blocks

Build Inventory of available blocks.

Accept request from Block Holder.

Fax notification of block assignment to Requester and Donor.

NPAC performance will be tested in the Test NPAC (5 days).

"Real" Pooling will not occur earlier than 4/15.

Disconnect with Snap Back does Step 7 (undo).