National LNP Billing Forum

Meeting Minutes

Dallas, Texas








Vendors will research issue 15A to determine what their switches pass as ANI for the various scenarios.



Change Issues 2 & 3 - LSPI not addressing N-1

Debi Ferguson


Develop requirements verbiage for Delta Items 8, 14, 15A, B and C

(Team A)

Scott Frey

Marla Gadbois

Arnette Schultz

Pat Witte

Cathy Passler


Develop requirements verbiage for Delta Items 6, 7, 9, 16, 17 & 20

(Team B)

MJ Anderson

Raj Udeshi

Jill Blakeley

Dave Whitney

Connie Meleski

Betty Cockrell

Marv Zarbock

Elaine Elliott


Develop requirements verbiage for Delta Items 2, 3 & 19

(Team C)

Pat Witte

Damon Elsden

Celynn Vandeventer

Cathy Passler

Elaine Elliott


Develop requirements verbiage for Delta Item 10, 11, 21

(Team D)

Debi Ferguson

Jill Blakeley

Armen Basmajian

Elizabeth Keddy

MJ Anderson


Develop requirements verbiage for Delta Items 4, 5 and 13

(Team E)

Mike Fohl

Todd Bowen

Ann Steiner

Ken Havens

Suzanne Brooks

Luis Sing


800 Issue



The mission of the NLBF is to provide an industry level forum to ensure the integrity of billing, related to the network elements required to support Local Number Portability.


The scope of work performed by the NLBF will be number portability billing issues, related to access, mutual compensation, cost recovery and end user billing for all affected entities. It will encompass changes or additions to the existing network element billing requirements for number portability. The NLBF recognizes potential for changes in regulatory requirements and will consider them within its scope. While all billing issues affecting any entity will be considered, specific work is limited to industry-wide issues not formally within the scope of other ATIS committees.




The team adopted the following process:



The deliverable will be an issues list that reflects: modifications to an existing requirement; creation of a new requirement; referral of the issue to another committee or documentation of any non-requirement solutions.




Delta Items 15A through 21


Delta Items 15A through 21 were discussed. See, National Billing Forum, Issues Document version 1.01 for updates that were made as a result of this discussion.

Delta Items were assigned to teams to work on offline. Research should be done by the next NLBF conference call. Each team should designate a leader and determine how they will handle the issues. The goal is for the teams to come up with the actual requirement statement for each issue. These requirements will be handed off to the new T1S1 LNP Requirements team for consideration for inclusion in the LNP Requirements document.