Meeting Minutes


July 15, 1998





Brian Baldwin Ameritech

Barry Bishop Pooling Administrator

Liz Coakley* Ameritech

Pat Fleck Ameritech

Jeannie Gillanders* Nortel

Seamus Glynn CUB

Oc Jackson AT&T

Jim Joerger* MCI

Maureen Krol Ameritech

Pete Long* Cell One

Calvin Manshio TCG

Lila McClelland AT&T

Dan Meldazis Focal

Bill Minch DSC

Joe Murphy Cell One

Brent Struthers ICC


*Attended via bridge




Pooling Administration Report

Test Plan

Report to ICC

Proposed Changes to Pooling Administration Guidelines




Pooling Administration Report


Barry Bishop reported that new donations are coming in but there is no substantial change in the forecast from 6/19 posting on the pooling website ( This is due to the fact that new requests have come in along with new donations. The new data will be entered into the Pooling Administration database and there will be an update to the reports on the pooling website posted the week of July 21.

Bishop pointed out that a number of block requests included in the forecast spreadsheet came from non-LNP capable carriers. These carriers, all start up companies, were not donating any blocks but had forecasted their future block requests. Question was put to the Pooling Subcommittee: When should the forecast of a non-LNP capable carrier be included, when it comes in or when they become LNP capable. Discussion ensued.


Subcommittee decided that these non-LNP carriers should be encouraged to designate, as soon as possible, the blocks that they will donate when they become LNP capable.


It was reported that requests for fourteen blocks had been received from two carriers seeking to activate these blocks in July & September. Also, Lockheed is in the process of getting an NXX from the local Number Administrator to replenish the pool for a rate center.




Proposed Changes to Pooling Administration Guidelines




Pat Fleck explained the need to revise the Illinois Pooling Administration Guidelines regarding the pooling inventory (Sec. 7.1.7). A reduction in the pooling inventory to a 6 month supply in a jeopardy situation, from the 9 month supply presently prescribed, will reduce the demand from the Pooling Administrator for NXX’s.


After discussion the subcommittee agreed that the proposed change should be made.


Seamus Glynn proposed that the Illinois Pooling Administration Guidelines be amended to reflect the conservation requirements ordered by the ICC in Dockets 97-0192 & 97-0221. Discussion ensued as to whether this would be necessary as all carriers are subject to all ICC Orders.


Barry Bishop pointed out that the Number Pooling Administrator is not subject to ICC Orders and will adhere to what is in the Pooling Administration Guidelines. He proposed that a change to the "Months To Exhaust" worksheet could be made. Pat Fleck was asked to review the form and propose modifications to the Guidelines Team. Draft changes will be circulated.


The proposal to add a request for certain additional information to the forms (SEE HANDOUT) was said to have its origin in the NPAC Subcommittee. After brief discussion it was decided to ask the NPAC committee to provide additional detail.


Another proposed change to the Guidelines has to do with the return to the Number Administrator of NXX with pooled blocks within it. The Guidelines do not contain language covering this possibility. Debate ensued as to whether language is necessary. It was decided to have the Guideline Team take up the issue.




Test Plan


Brian Baldwin submitted his final draft of the NPA 847 Number Pooling Trial Test Plan and Trial Schedule. He was commended for a job well done.


Oc Jackson raises a question about the truing up of NPAC records after Release 1.4 creates pooling indicator and whether this should be in the test plan. It was determined that the NPAC subcommittee would have to develop a plan to address this. The NPAC committee will be asked to look into this and other related issues. The Test Plan will be amended to reflect this item as soon as it is settled.




JULY 31 Initial Pooling Subcommittee Report to the ICC


NOTE: After the meeting Brent Struthers suggested that there is no longer a need to submit the initial Trial Report to the ICC by July 31st given the hearings on 847 and number pooling (Docket 98-0497). A delay of a week or two has been agreed to.


Brian Baldwin presented the "Expectations for a Number Pooling Trial" document as the basis of a report to the ICC.


The first of the eight areas of evaluation from the Expectations document to be addressed was the utility of pooling as a number conservation method.


The Number Pooling Administrator was asked to provide data for this section of the report. Barry agreed to provide the number of blocks donated and blocks assigned. In addition, he will compute the number of NXX that did not have to be assigned as a result of the deployment of pooling. Brent Struthers pointed out that the ICC and CUB were collecting pertinent data from carriers. He called for the inclusion of statistics derived from this data that will show what proportion of the eligible thousands blocks were actually donated.

The second area addressed was pooling administrator capabilities. All carriers were asked to provide anecdotal info that would give a sense of how things are going. Similarly, service provider support systems will be evaluated using anecdotal info from carriers.


NPAC capabilities, SCP impacts and Interface enhancements were determined to be not applicable categories for this evaluation. Also, compatibility among different provisioning arrangements is not applicable.


Pat Fleck will write up piece evaluating the efficiencies and thoroughness of the number assignment guidelines.


Brian Baldwin requested that all data be e-mailed to him no latter than July 23rd so that he can put it together for final review before it is submitted to the ICC on July 31. Brian’s e-mail address is




Other Business


Lila McClellan asked for clarification from the committee regarding the area within which carriers can share thousands blocks from the same NXX. Brian Baldwin responded that for NPA 847 it was decided that the Rate Center would define the area of pooling.