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November 7, 1997

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Cheryl L. Parrino, Chairman

Daniel J. Eastman, Commissioner

Joseph P. Mettner, ConuTIissioner

610 North Whitney Way

P.O. Box 7854

Madison, WI 53707-7854

To: Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Commercial Mobile Radio Service

Providers (CMRS) and Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), in the

Minneapolis MSA-Wisconsin Portion

Investigation of the Implementation of the

Telecommunications Act of 1996 in Wisconsin 05-TI-140


(Local Number Portability Minneapolis MSA-Wisconsin Portion)


In a letter dated June 20, 1997, we notified you that all exchanges in the Minneapolis MSA Wisconsin Portion were requested by one or more competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) or Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) Providers to have local number portability (LNP) deployed by March 31, 1998.

All of the exchanges were selected by MCI-Metro in its filing dated May 9, 1997. No other CLEC or CMRS made a selection of any exchange.

MCI-Metro filed a notice with the Commission received October 29, 1997, (attached), noting that it was "deselecting" all exchanges in the Minneapolis MSA-Wisconsin Portion because of "changing business plans." This leaves no selected exchange to be deployed with LNP by the March 31, 1998 date.

Dockets that were opened to handle ILEC requests for waivers will be closed by a separate Commission action.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Unger at (608) 266-8006.


Scot Cullen, P.E.


Telecommunications Division

RSC:GAU :reb: t:\ss\letter\November letter


cc: WSTA

LNP Implementation Team,

PCS Providers

Lillie Briton, Minnesota PUC